Jura 20 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Do you love Jura? Didn’t think so…

Jura is one of those distilleries that we whisky drinkers happily pass on, Why ? Well because some of the old core range just was not up to scratch. Lets be honest it was not good at all.

I remember trying something sold within a green box, i was the third person this had been passed onto and one sip later i was also passing it on. It was horrible !! But…. There’s always a but, more recently the releases have become far more refined and certainly very drinkable.

That’s not to say it is always great, it is far better though. I think it would be fair to say the whisky has become un offensive, there is however many a release that is actually extremely good and some of those releases are coming from the indie bottlers..

Todays review is one of those indie releases and hails from the That Boutique-y Whisky Company stable, Yes i know i review a lot of their products, but it is quality ( mostly ) and i always say when you find trust in something then keep going with them.

Picture taken from Master of Malt

20 Year old Jura – Batch 5

Distillery.. Jura

Region.. Islands

Age.. 20 years

Abv.. 48.2%

Batch.. 5

Outturn.. 901 x 50cl bottles

Nose.. Pineapple, lemon rind, damp earth and moldy grass are first and the most dominant notes to rise before subtle honey, freshly cut oak and rotting leafs come through. Add a soft coffee bean note with a ginger biscuit still warm from the oven and this nose is about done.

Palate.. This is all over the place to be honest.. The earthy notes still come through with those tropical fruits but also bring a honeyed note that conflicts a little. The musty oak note mingles with a cold toast and orange marmalade.

Finish.. Bitter and sweet so as conflicting as the rest of the experience.

Thoughts.. This is very typical Jura in that is is a little weird at times and delicious at others.. This is so conflicting and is a whisky that offers so much and then does not fully deliver.

Dont get me wrong it is not terrible nor is it fantastic but it does have something, i am just not sure what.. This is a whisky that will take time to like but it could also end up being hated…

For an alternative view point then check out what Matt over at The Dramble had to say.

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