Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old

You know that feeling when you think a whisky is good but you never seem to drink it anymore…

Well Dalwhinnie 15 is one of those whiskies for me, i honestly thought i had already reviewed it and it was only when i noticed a pic on social media that i really fancied a dram from what was once a staple dram in my household.

Dalwhinnie is one of those interesting whiskies that can be classed as either Highlands or Speyside, it does however generally go under the highland banner.

Built in 1897 this distillery was originally named the Strathspey distillery but changed its name when John Sommerville & co and AP Blyth and sons purchased the distillery due to financial problems in 1898.

After changing hands on more than one occasion the distillery is forced to close in 1934 due to a fire, refurbishment allows the distillery to once again re open some 4 years later in 1938. the next major change comes in 1968 when the distillery ceases to use the floor maltings.

The distillery is one of the small amount of distilleries that still uses wormtubs and has an average fermentation time of 60 hours. the distillery has the capacity to produce 2.2 million litres of alcohol per year from a 7.3 ton full lauter mashtun, two stills and 6 wooden washbacks.

The 15 year old has been the entry level for the core range for as many years as id like to remember and is along with the Distillers the main two releases worth talking about for the average drinker..

Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old

15 year old Dalwhinnie

Distillery.. Dalwhinnie

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 15 years

Abv.. 43%

Nose.. Vanilla and honey are the mainstay of this whisky with all things sweet. Toffee and some candied orange, chocolate, cinder toffee and stewed apples or maybe apple strudel.

Palate.. Again sweet with that honey and vanilla notes but there is a balancing malt note that also brings with it some chocolate and nut flavour.. Soft spices develop towards the latter with a delicate earthy note that just reminds you there is a tiny amount of smoke within this whisky..

Finish.. delicate spices and plenty of sweetness

Thoughts.. Although this whisky is now creeping over the £40 mark i still think its worthy of a place on your shelf.

A great tip to enhance this whisky is one taught to me by the master himself Colin Dunn, take a malteaser first before sipping on this whisky, it really does enhance the honey notes and chocolate but be aware it can be addictive.. Colin didn’t mention that part to me !!

This whisky is one that should be revisited more regular than it is and falls into a few categories of drinking, its one of those whiskies that can easily be offered top someone who wants to get into whisky and wants something that will not offend. It is also great as a whisky for socialising when you want a whisky that wont take the attention away from the conversation but it also has the strength that if you want a good dram to sit down with and relax alone after a long day this will hit that spot..

A solid whisky that shouldn’t ever disappoint..

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