Compass Box – Magic Cask

Compass Box

I have looked upon Compass Box as innovative for such a long time that i often forget just how forward thinking they actually are..

We all know about the fantastic labels and weird names they come up with and the recopies that create such wonderful tasting whiskies but what we sometimes forget is these guys often push the boundaries, they see how far they can push things and often get pulled up on it.. Remember those inner staves, the transparency, the actual amounts and casks that went into each expression, hmmm everything we wanted but couldnt have..

Magic cask – another innovative creation born from innovation and experimentation.. In 2016 a 1 year old spirit from a distillery near Aberlour was re racked into a first fill seasoned Oloroso sherry cask, Cask No 2 after a further 3 years proved to be exceptional, bursting with character.

After experimenting with other casks it was determined that this cask complimented whisky from first fill Ex Bourbon casks filled with whisky from the Imperial distillery (mothballed in 1998 and demolished in 2013 )

This then was the birth of the Magic cask..

Compass Box Magic Cask

Compass Box – Magic Cask

Distillery.. An undisclosed distillery from Aberlour.. Imperial Distillery

Region.. Speyside

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 46%

Outturn.. 5,538 Bottles

Bottler.. Compass Box

Nose.. This is bursting with fruits, freshly peeled red apples, plum, a hint of peach and a generous helping of dried fruits. Chocolate aromas drift in and out on the back of ginger biscuits dunked in coffee, warm doughnuts covered generously in sugar, toffee and orange peel.

Palate.. This is sweeter on the palate with plenty of toffee, caramel and fruit syrups coming through, a little honey drizzled over banana, lemon drizzle cake, pineapple and hints of those dried fruits.

Finish.. Soft spices and hints of chocolate

Thoughts.. This is what i expected from Compass Box, it has depth, its complex and its bloody delicious.. In fact its Magic..

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