Arran 22 Year Old 1996 – Highland Laird, Bartels Whisky

The distillery was founded in 1995 and is located in the North of the island at Lochranza. The opening of the distillery was held up for a period due to a pair of Golden eagles that were breeding at the time. The Island was reportedly once home to more than 50 whisky distilleries, obviously most of these were of an illegal status and were situated in places that were hard to find in order to avoid the taxman.

The distillery has recently opened a sister distillery located at Lagg, where the intention is to make a peated style of whisky.

Arran 22 Year Old 1996 (cask 554) - Highland Laird (Bartels Whisky)

1996, 22 year old Arran – Bartels Whisky

Distillery.. Arran

Region.. Islands

Vintage.. 1996

Age.. 22 years

Abv.. 50.8%

Cask.. Ex Bourbon

Nose.. Plenty of fresh fruits burst into action here, freshly picked apples on a early Autumn morning, poached pears drizzled in honey.. Add a warm cinnamon bun, a fresh mug of coffee and a Ginger biscuit to dunk and you have this..

Palate.. Warming spices greet you with a gentle kiss before those fresh fruits and honey sweetness balance it out, vanilla fudge and a sticky sweet dark toffee adds more depth..

Finish.. Spices and a touch of oak.

Thoughts.. Arran whisky has always held a little space within my whisky drinking as from the early days the distillery always seemed to be capturing the heart and the whisky always showed lots of promise.. Today the whisky just seems to hit the spot every time i am given the opportunity to taste and with the ever growing amount of bottles and expressions released from the indies as well as official offerings there is no chance of not finding something that pleases the palate..

This is a very limited offering and a very enjoyable one.. Bartels are releasing some very decent whisky and are certainly a company to keep an eye on in the ever growing indie market..

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