Bimber V Cooper King

I have always found it interesting when comparing New make spirit from different distilleries, there in theory should be a vast difference and usually there is, the big question now though is, is this production or is it the barley ? Maybe its the water or the yeast !! damn this could get complicated, I thought whisky was supposed to be simple…

So I recently got to sit down with a sample of new make from Cooper King, my local distillery, as i did i was reminded of two samples from another distillery and decided to do a quick head to head with 5 new makes. Then today I received another new make sample so thought since the Cooper King was by far the better of the previous test then I should go head to head once more but this time with Bimber as the opponent..

New make is as you know the starting point, the beginning of the journey as far as the liquid is concerned, and before you tell me the production is the beginning or as some will have you believe the planting of the barley is actually the start of the journey, but.. I am talking about the liquid here so we will start the journey here..

New make is the liquid that in essence is colourless and carries very little flavour but how wrong you are if this is the thought process you have adopted.. New make is the very essence of what will become the very liquid you one day call whisky, that wonderful nectar you cant wait to drink..

Cooper king – New Make

Distillery.. Cooper King

Region.. Yorkshire – UK

Distilled.. 28-5-2020

Abv.. 47%

Nose.. Quite a heavy feel but still a very clean feel to it, there is plenty of digestive biscuit aromas, very fruity and reminds of those early mornings, walking through apple orchards when in full bloom..

Palate.. Those fruits come bursting in with a heavy bodied feel, a little oily but that carries into big malty notes, a hint of roasted pineapple and heather honey..

Finish.. Malty with a very clean feel.

Bimber – New Make

Distillery.. Bimber

Region.. London – Uk

Distilled.. Unknown

Abv.. 63.5%

Nose.. Again a heavy feel with loads of malty notes but this carries less of a fruity note with only freshly peeled apples noticeable, some citrus peel notes are evident with rose petal and other floral aromas popping in and out..

Palate.. Big bodied and robust is the best way to describe the palate here, its full of malty notes with a nice oily texture, and stewed fruits in the background..

Finish.. Full on..

Thoughts.. Its a little harder to compare as there is a big abv difference but both certainly sit on the heavier side of new make, big bold and robust aromas, flavours dominate and showcase the liquid to perfection.. There is no doubting that this will benefit from a dominant cask type rather than the more delicate refill bourbon style..

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