Port Dundas 13 Year Old 2004 – Douglas Laing

Port Dundas

Founded in 1811 on the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal and installing the first Coffey still in 1832, this distillery was once the largest Grain producer of its type, merging with its sister distillery Cowlairs in 1860 and with both sites operating Coffey stills the production in 1885 was hitting 2 million gallons or 9,092,184 litres from its three Coffey and five pot stills. In 1902 the distillery merged again, this time with Dundashill and at its peak the Port Dundas distillery would be capable of producing 39 million litres of alcohol per year.. In 1903 the distillery caught fire and the first re build followed by 1914, 2 years later in 1906 the distillery would once again catch fire.

After merging twice and two fires the distillery finally closes its doors in 2011 and due to re furbish costs being too high the distillery does not get sold and sadly was demolished..


13 Year Old Port Dundas

Distillery.. Port Dundas ( Closed )

Region.. Lowland

Age.. 13 years

Abv.. 48.4%

Casks.. American Oak Barrels

Outturn.. 3000 bottles

Bottler.. Douglas Laing – Old Particular

Nose.. Daim bars, vanilla, fudge and a little hint of dried fruits..

Palate.. Salted popcorn, honey, stewed apples and vanilla cheescake are find time to shine along with a soft coffee note, cinnamon buns and citrus bitterness.

Finish.. Lingering spices and a touch of oak

Thoughts.. Although there is a feeling of this being a little thin at times its actually rather tasty, the flavours are not jump out and slap you types, but rather just the kind that allows just enough out to keep your interest piqued. As a grain whisky there’s no doubt in my mind it will have people knocking it but for those who understand the merits of single grain whisky this might just have enough to interest you..


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  1. For me as a grain fan and a Douglas Laing fan, this one sounds lovely!

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