Auchroisk 12 Year Old Batch 7 That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Founded in 1974 Auchroisk was built with the purpose of supplying whisky for the blend sector and still to this day that is the main intention, with a capacity to produce 5.9 million litres with its 8 stills, 8 stainless steel washbacks and a shortish fermentation time of around 53 hours,  this distillery is another one of those sleeping giants within the single malt market.

Only a handful of official bottlings have come from this distillery including a 10 year old from the fauna and flora range along with a couple of releases under diageo’s annual  special releases. Again we have to look towards the Indie bottlers to give us an insight into what the distillery is actually capable of producing and from the limited expressions I have managed to try then I have to say its another distillery we are all missing out on !!

That said we have to remember that the blend market is still driving the whisky industry and I don’t see that ever changing, blends are certainly the mainstay of whisky drinkers the world over and although there are still a few who turn their noses up at blends it has to be said that the majority of blends are actually exceptional value and carry a high quality..

I know there are still many who think blends are only as good as those basic brands we all walk past on the supermarket shelfs but maybe its time we all actually stopped and actually started looking at them again.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

So we are already on Day 6 from the 2019 Advent Calendar and its been a good start so far.. America to Speyside and a little highland fling to boot its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

That is the strength though of That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Liquids from all around the world as though borders don’t exist, they bring you single malt, single grain, bourbons, American whiskey, Dutch, Indian, Swiss and so on.. No wonder they have a few awards under their belt.

Batch 7 Auchroisk 12 year old

Distillery.. Auchroisk

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 12 years

Abv.. 47.9%

Cask.. Re fill American Oak

Batch.. 7

Nose.. Freshly peeled apples, poached pear and lemon drizzle cake aromas push through along with heather honey, dried grass, and a delicate notes of vanilla and caramel.

Palate.. Pepper and fresh ginger bring a gentle heat before those fresh fruits and lemon peel bitterness start to take control.

Finish.. Lingering spices and pineapple chunks.

Thoughts.. With the temperatures dropping fast outside the gentle heat this offers is a welcome addition on a dark winters evening although this is probably more suited to a warmer summers day where I can actually see this working extremely well in a tall glass, some quality lemonade ( go on judge me ) and dare I say it a cube of …





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