Glendronach Grandeur Batch 9.


As  I sit here pondering what else I can write about The Glendronach Distillery a pair of bullfinch land on the branches outside my window and just catch my glance for a few minutes ( well about 10-15 mins actually) and that’s kind of what it’s like when I sit down with a glass of whisky that hails from this particular fine distillery, time flies by as you get so engaged in the aromas and flavours that rise from the glass and engulf your senses.


This latest release of the Glendronach Grandeur is batch nine and comprises of some of the finest sherry butts from 1990, 1992 and 1993 which from past experiences always seem to produce some of the most aromatic and flavoursome whisky the distillery has to offer.. Master Blender Rachel Barrie personally selected these casks for their unique flavours and depth in order to produce a single malt that is distinguished and full of complexity.

Rachel Barrie herself describes this malt as..  “ An unparalleled range of the finest aromas and tastes that have  been composed from masterful Spanish oak sherry cask maturation, patient aging and careful cask selection. Grandeur Batch 9 is a single malt of finesse, powerful complexity and persistence, reaching heights of maturity and depth of character that approach single malt perfection. The GlenDronach Grandeur is the pinnacle of the signature style, representing rich layers of Highland heritage and terroir, intensifed through patient aging in the finest Spanish oak sherry casks.

The expression offers a carefully woven tapestry of stone fruit, baked quince and glazed cherries on a bed of sandalwood, roast chestnuts and subtle musk- scented leather. The freshness of oak balsam lifts and lengthens throughout, sustaining the exceptional balance and complexity. With an elegant, deep and perfectly integrated palate, Grandeur combines a myriad of sherry cask tastes in each sip. As time slowly passes, the taste lengthens and deepens towards an elegant dark chocolate mint, raisin and angelica root velvet finish.”

The Grandeur batch 9 is bottled at 48.7%abv, is of course all natural colour and NCF..

Nose.. Dates, figs, plum and orange peel along with walnuts, chocolate and sticky toffee pudding all caress the senses. Subtle old leather, tobacco leaf and Manuka honey with a soft earthy note gives this that aged feel, old coffee beans and Black Forest gateau lead you into rich Turkish delight before whisking you away  with a barrage of spices and damp oak.

Palate.. A more oaky start than expected but that soon opens into all the things you get on the nose.


Finish.. Oaky with a musky twist.

Thoughts.. “Intoxicating and addictive”  As you raise the glass up in order to Nose this whisky your senses just get seduced.. I don’t know if you ever  get that feeling of “ everything in the world just does not matter”  if you do then that’s the feeling I get when I nose  these older Glendronach’s and this is again one of those moments..

Its just a few moments when you could be anywhere in the world, a feeling of  pure tranquility and harmonious joy..

Once again I find myself saying if you think it’s over the top then I give no apologies because… Well just because..


Glendronach Grandeur batch 9.


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  1. Kelly P says:

    Thanks for discussing your ideas and thoughts here.


  2. Anonymous says:

    No better whisky than what comes from Glendronach! But this is beyond my budget so it is nice to read these notes. Thank you.


  3. ilovewhisky says:

    Another tantalising review…definitely one to hope I get the chance to taste.

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