TOMATIN 14yo Port Wood Finish.

The next instalment in the Tomatin series of reviews has me reaching for the 14yo,  matured in bourbon casks for the first 13 years then finished in Tawny Port pipes for one year.. This whisky has a lovely pinkish tint, and is bottled at 46%abv..


Nose.. This has certainly taken plenty from those port pipes, it is quite fresh, lovely fruits and delicious sweetness.. There is a very nice jammy note, poss raspberry jam, plum and lots of vanilla, a very faint note of oak and a hint of malt.


Palate.. Again the fruity side is very prominent, lots of berries and fresh plum, candied orange and a touch of oak can be found lurking behind vanilla and some natural wood spices..


Finish.. Not overly long but fresh and fruity..



Thoughts.. The nose is lovely and fresh, it gives the impression this might be quite delicate, but it isn’t.. The palate just steps up and delivers !  This is again another very good whisky from Tomatin, the 46% abv really boosts it and let’s you get that little extra kick.. This unlike some port finishes is not overly sweet, the balance is just right, and it makes for a very enjoyable malt.. Spot on !!

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  1. Gerard says:

    A great review.


  2. Dominique says:

    I like way you write your review and makes me feel like I taste it as I read.


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks for the comments.. As for scoring, I try not to score for the simple reason this is in my mind so unreliable, everyone scores slightly different. There are a number of ways to score, but I have not come across one that I’m comfortable with.. I try to put across if I’d buy or not.. Hope this helps a little 👍


  4. Anonymous says:

    I realy like your notes and how recent they are. we get notes of new releases very fast from you. My only complain is the fact that you are not using a point system, which would help a lot and make things a lot more interesting for the reader.

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