Glenlivet 15 French oak

This expression from Glenlivet is the 15 yo French oak reserve, it has been matured in French limousin oak casks, it is bottled at 40% abv.



Nose.. The nose is quite devine, lots of citrus notes, fruity and plenty of spices. Cooked apples covered in Demerara sugar, vanilla fudge with an abundance of natural tannings, some dried fruit with a hint of dark chocolate.


Palate.. To start with there are citrus notes with honey, toffee and butterscotch  before  a spicy punch from cinnamon and ginger accompanied by a subtle malty tone with  an underlying oaky note finish this off..


Finish.. A good dry but spicy finish.


Thoughts.. This is a rather rich, spicy and multilayered offering from Glenlivet. It might not appeal to everyone but I certainly enjoyed it, it offers very different notes to most other malts in Glenlivets range which to me gives it an advantage. There are some elegant notes to be found in this bottling, it offers you some complexity and has a good range of notes from subtle floral to bold spices and a lovely sweetness.

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  1. Bernard W says:

    Hi there!
    This is my first visit to this whisky blog! We are a group of whisky fans and have just started a new whisky club in a small village pub. Your blog provided us beneficial information to choose some bottles that would interest us immensely. You have done a wonderful job!


  2. Peter wilkinson says:

    A favourite of mine. Good review Sorren.


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