Penderyn peated.

The third expression to be tasted is the Penderyn peated cask.. This offering is only peated through using casks that previously held peated whisky.. The whisky is first matured in bourbon casks before finishing in casks that come from the laphroig distillery. The peated expression is a limited edition that is produced each year.. I believe around 5000 bottles annually. This offering is bottled at 46%Abv.


Nose.. The nose consists of subtle smoke and peat notes with underlying hints of vanilla, honey and fresh fruits, citrus notes mingle with delicate floral scents.

Palate.. The smoke is first in line with vanilla and toffee dancing around the edges, toffee apples and cinder toffee are presented in waves of peaty explosions.

Finish.. The finish is smokey with subtle oak and vanilla notes..

Thoughts.. This certainly carries that unique Penderyn character.. The peat and smoke are not overpowering which allows the whisky to show its subtle floral notes, the whisky shows it has more than one level.. Certainly interesting!!

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