Bladnoch distillers choice.


This is one of Raymond Armstrongs releases, a typical lowland offering, bottled from bourbon casks made from American white oak.. My understanding is that this is young, probably around 4-6 years old, it is bottled at 46% abv..

Nose.. It has a lovely fresh and floral nose, citrus peel and ripe apples, fresh cut grass, heather with vanilla and a little toffee..

Palate.. You can tell it is young, it has a rawness to the mouth feel, this aside its full of delicate floral flavours,  fruits like apples and pear come in with gentle vanilla notes..

Finish.. The finish is fresh and sweet, not over long, but it leaves your mouth feeling cleansed..

Thoughts.. I have had a few of these younger bladnochs, they are always really fresh, floral and fruity, full of delicate flavours, they do have a rawness to them but in this case it seems to help.. The future of this malt is promising,  Raymond obviously did something right.. I hope the new owners carry on with the spirit where he left off.. This distillery has a bright future( I hope )

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  1. Joshua says:

    Love this bottling


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