Rebel Yell 10 Year Old Single Barrel

I am certainly no expert when it comes to the vast array of different Bourbons and American whiskies. One thing i do know however is when i find a product i like then i find most releases from that stable to my liking!!

If you listen to the many Bourbon snobs out then you would find yourself only buying those ridiculously priced hard to find versions when on many occasions the simplest forms are the ones that bring you the most enjoyment.

Over the years in my whisky side i have shouted from the roof tops that most age statements are indeed pointless and it is time we got over that importance!!

Bourbon however does offer a little more reasoning for me as to why some might carry that all important statement. The simple fact is, most bourbon is age statement free and is commonly between 3-8 years ( i know this isnt written in stone so back down )_

Rebel Bourbon comes in many forms and for me the simplest forms of these releases have brought me plenty of drinking pleasure so when i was asked to take a look at this 10 year old then i was intrigued enough to say yes..

For me, getting into bourbon is not just to broaden my drinking horizon but to help with my understanding towards the use of the barrels within the maturation process of whisky.

This bourbon has had that extra maturation within a single virgin oak cask ( The finest oak cask too !! ) bottled at 50% abv this will be interesting to see how this compares to the younger versions.


Nose.. Extremely inviting with an onslaught of spices, sweetness and dark fruits.. Cinnamon rolls, fresh apple pie, vanilla custard, caramel popcorn, peanut butter on warm toast and those very typical oak notes that are prevelant within bourbons..

Palate.. Those spices are at the front along with a big hit of vanilla, citrus and a real nuttiness that entices you to dive in again and again..

Finish.. Warming and tasty.

Thoughts.. This is very approachable and certainly inviting !! Reminds me of aged grain whisky which i absolutely love by the way !!

I will assume this is corn forward within the mashbill but those wheat notes are very evident, the spices and sweetness are intoxicating..

With thanks to Steve Rush from the whisky wire and to Chapman Poole for giving me this opportunity to try this stunning 10 year old single barrel from Rebel.. This expression can be found HERE

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