Vinaya – Bladnoch

Founded back in 1817, Bladnoch distillery is regarded as one of the oldest distilleries legally producing whisky in Scotland.. Located in the Lowlands region this distillery really is a piece of Scotlands distilling history.

As many malt fans know Bladnoch distillery recently fell silent once again, for several months the future of the distillery was in doubt but luckily an Australian business man David Prior bought the distillery and resurrected it.

With the unwavering guidance of celebrated master distiller and blender Ian Macmillan, and inspired by the many flavours of lowland style whiskies, we can discover Single Malts that honour Bladnoch’s rural roots.

For a distillery that celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2017, the Bladnoch story is only just beginning once again.

Now that the distillery is safe again the owners have released a blended whisky named “Pure Scot ” this is primarily for the Australian market but can be bought from the distillery shop, Samsara and Talia not to mention a rather nice 11 year old fully matured in Bourbon casks..

The history of the distillery is bittersweet with so many ups and downs it is a miracle the distillery is actually operational today. This Lowland distillery has in the past produced some stunning whiskies and although most of the aged stocks either belonged to Diageo or the Armstrong brothers its safe to say the whisky still has a good following and really does anticipate the whisky still to be released..

The whisky and future is still a little blurry with many of the old guard fans not so sure on the path the owners are taking but the only real thing that counts in my mind is how good is the whisky? lets find out..

Bladnoch – Vinaya

Distillery.. Bladnoch

Region.. Lowlands

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 46.7%

Casks.. 1st fill Bourbon – 1st Fill Sherry

Nose.. Floral notes gently rise with an emphasis on wild flowers and violets in bloom, freshly peeled apples and soft pear notes transform into a delicate heather honey aroma with dried grasses and digestive biscuits..

Palate.. Cinnamon buns and cold coffee slowly give way to stewed apples, poached pears and grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream and a hint of chocolate sauce.. Soft ginger notes give a gentle prickle whilst a hint of lemon peel gives a welcome bitterness to the proceedings.

Finish.. Soft spices and floral interludes.

Thoughts.. This is getting back to Bladnoch of old !! I am not sure how much sherry matured whisky is in here but it does not overpower those typical Bladnoch Bourbon whisky notes..

This is almost like turning back the clock and sitting in the tasting room in the back of the old shop chatting to Raymond over a few drams and taking in all those “proper working distillery aromas” The times i have walked around that distillery and heard “i am sorry its not all sparkling and clean” and seeing those repairs that are temporary but look so in place are countless but drinking this certainly gives some flashbacks to happier times..

This sample was sent by Bladnoch for review purposes only but thankfully it also managed to bring a smile back from the times when Bladnoch was in our hearts.. I look forward to the future of this distillery once again..

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