Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Barrel Strength

Officially founded in 1866 making the distillery the first officially licensed distillery within the united states..  Jasper Newton Daniel or as we all know him Jack Daniels learnt his trade a few years earlier from Nathan “Nearest” Green who was a preacher and slave who later became Jacks master distiller..

Jack Daniels is today one of the best known names within the Whiskey / Bourbon industry and is loved and hated equally around the world, more known in the UK especially for “Jack and Coke ” made with the original Old No7 which is probably the best known of the Jack Daniels portfolio..

Old No7 has been recognised the world over and with a multitude of awards behind the product it is not hard to see why this expression has been produced by the distillery for well over 100 years..

Jack lost his life around 1907 after a broken toe sustained from kicking his safe became infected and eventually it would be the reason his life ended. Due to the fact Jack had no wife or children to leave his legacy to his nephew Lem Motlow was to become the owner of Jacks estate and the distillery carried on bearing Jacks name.

Today the distillery still carries the old traditions and with the whiskey being one of the most drunk Tennessee whiskey in the world it is not hard to see why the company has such respect throughout the industry.

Single Barrel, Barrel Strength – Jack Daniels.

Distillery.. Jack Daniels

Region.. Lynchburg, Tennessee – USA

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 64.5%

Cask.. Virgin American Oak

Nose.. Intense spices with Ginger, cinnamon and pepper taking the lead before succulent dates, plums and black treacle offers up plenty of sweetness. Bitter coffee bean mingles with tobacco leaf, pine resign and cherries.

Palate.. The spices are intensified along with the dried fruits and bitter coffee bean, dark chocolate adds a little more bitterness whilst molasses brings a balance that is most welcome.

Finish.. Intense and spiced

Thoughts.. I am not the biggest Jack Daniels fan but these single barrels are very intriguing and bring a sense of quality to what i always felt was a superb mixer whiskey..

The fact we can now get the single barrel at 45% occasionally at 50% and now barrel strength is very welcome, as even at the 45% mark there is a feel of more quality than the generally sold old no7.. Certainly worth a try when you find it at a decent price..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I’d love to tour the distilleries in America with JD and Dickel being at the top of the list

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  2. Dirk Ebener says:

    Thank you for another interesting blog and review. It really helps to see the impact of bourbon and sparks interest in the world of Jack Daniels. The consumers in Europe are very committed to JD, and it was always a solid club and party favor. Visiting the distillery is one of the highlights for many visitors. Highly recommended throughout the year, but especially around Christmas. Thank you again for sharing.

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