Brora 34 Year Old 1982 – Special Release 2017

There are several whisky that command your attention when you utter their names and Brora is one of them, along with the likes of Port Ellen, Rosebank and St Magdalene to name just a few. These whiskies don’t only command respect they demand large price tags too.. Brora is no exception to this rule, established in 1819 under the name of Clynelish it wasn’t until 1968 that the distillery actually underwent a change of name and became known as Brora and sister distillery took the Clynelish name solely for itself.. The distillery opened for production in 1969 but was unfortunately closed or mothballed in 1983 with the sister distillery Clynelish making the spirit for blends and needs of Diageo..

A few years back the decision to re open these most iconic distilleries was taken and both Port Ellen and Brora were given the green light, Port Ellen however is basically a re build whereas Brora is more of a refurbishment as most of the operational side was remaining, this however does not guarantee the liquid will be the same.

Brora 34 Year Old 1982 (Special Release 2017)

2017 Special Release – 34 year old Brora

Distillery.. Broar

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 34 years

Distilled.. 1982

Bottled.. 2017

Abv.. 51.9%

Cask.. Re fill American Hogsheads

Outturn.. 3000 Bottles

Nose.. Apple pie, poached pears and even a little pineapple make an appearance before a dusty oak note comes through with soft ginger notes, digestive chocolate biscuits ( milk chocolate ) and those fruit salad sweets we used to get as kids.

Palate.. Peppery with a beautiful hit of stewing fruits.. The finest apple pie with a dusting of cinnamon, add some apple strudel and croissants, a slice of Victoria sponge cake and a mug of coffee and you have a glass of this.. Maybe add just a little dusty oak, roasted chestnuts and peanut brittle into the mix, a little imagination and a smile..

Finish.. 34 years of maturation.. Oak and pepper..

Thoughts.. Elegant and sophisticated.. Enough said..

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