A year of misery.. 2020

First of all Happy New Year to you all.

I honestly was not going to bother with a summery of 2020 this year, i suspect like so many others it will only end up telling you how shit 2020 has been.

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2020 did actually bring some highlights for me so instead of talking about what wasnt so pleasurable i will try to be positive, 2020 actually started off with such a Buzz for me as i was to find out i was to be a Grandad, my eldest daughter was pregnant ( not sure how that happens as i specifically instructed no hanky panky was allowed ) Anyway later in the year, right in the middle of so much darkness my little grandson was born.. welcome to the world Oscar… I pray he sees a better world than whats on offer at the moment. This little fellow is a true bundle of joy and the pride i have for my daughter who has become a mum is unmeasurable..

The highlight from the whisky world was of course being given an opportunity to work with the team at The English Whisky Company, a role that has not really had a chance to be fulfilled the way it was intended but the warm welcome from the team and encouragement they give is very welcoming in these dark times.

From another side of the whisky world the blog is obviously still going strong for me and although at times this year it has been a real struggle to keep motivated it is and has been a very welcome escape from how things around me have crumbled into dust, to be honest its probably what has kept me going.

Then came The Whisky Circus…

What the hell was i thinking when i started this ??

Seriously though, The Whisky Circus has for me and the others in the group become a real place to get together and just talk, learn and drink, yes there’s been a lot of drinking, even more learning and the banter is unbelievable.. It has brought people from around the world together, different cultures, different personalities and beliefs, different needs but the most important thing is, it is now a community of friends, it might not last beyond 2021 but i know everyone in the group will have some fond memories when they look back upon 2020 and the Circus..

For those who don’t know what we are, i say we because it is a collective and although i set it up it just would not be here if it wasn’t for the FRIENDS that get involved every single week. So basically as a group we get together in two formats, the Sunday sessions where we invite industry people to come and chat and get into depth about their respective areas. Believe me when i tell you we learn so much from these guests ( A DAY IN THE LIFE – ocdwhisky.com ). Then there is the Friday tavern, this is the sessions where we just relax, chat, drink, do shots, drink some more and then when we are all done we drink a little more.. enough said.

So to all the amazing guests who have agreed to come on the sessions i thank you and hope our paths cross in the real world very soon.. To all the friends i have made through the circus, than you for the support and the support you all offer to each other.. O and i am sorry for the bank balance of most of you, i accept NO responsibility..

To anyone i managed to offend in 2020 i apologise if you were upset at my opinions and didnt agree with me..

To everyone else out there.. I hope 2021 brings a little more hope than 2020 left you with.. We will come out of this eventually, and when we do i pray we are all a little better for it..

See you at a festival or tasting soon, if not ill see you ont tinterweb..

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