21 Year Old Blend No3 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

The world can be a very dark and lonely place at times, more hardships than it seems worth dealing with and hardships that drain every ounce of energy from our bodies but then a glimpse of hope arrives and suddenly the whole reason we are here becomes a lot clearer.. Each sunrise brings hope and a renewed belief that things will be better, the birds seem to sing a little louder and the new born baby finds his voice.

Whats this got to do with whisky ? well over the last few months the world has become a lot darker for so many, times have changed beyond recognition and what seemed like normality has long since disappeared, that includes writing reviews and keeping up to date with the blog..

During covid times i have set about trying to keep a group of whisky friends entertained and with that we have all become virtual friends, chatting most things whisky and life in general.. We have seen one member become a father and now i myself have become Grandpa.. Damn i feel old now.. The point i have in all this is, its the whisky that brought us all together, it keeps us chatting and that in its self is a bond that has helped people through these trying times, add some great drams and some shocking banter and things suddenly seem just a little better.. As a group we have even bought 2 casks of whisky and have a third exclusive bottling of kind attributed to the group, and with some events we could actually put together a movie with the script being written as we speak..

Todays review is a dram that kind of reflects the world we live in, a little dark at times, a little playful, it also manages to bring a smile to the saddest of faces and even makes me sit back and reflect what life is all about..

So whats the dram ?

Blend No3 – 21 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Distillery.. Teaspooned Glenfiddich ( possibly )

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 21 years

Abv.. 47.1%

Cask.. Ex Bourbon

Outturn.. 1323 bottles

Nose.. Apples peels and poached pears invite you in before gentle toffee and honey aromas seduce, ginger biscuits gently bring the spices to the party with a little back up from the cinnamon..

Palate.. The ginger gently brings some heat along with a little peppery heat, the honey glazed pears and freshly picked apples allow the freshness to develop into a gentle summery style dram full of vanilla, toffee and caramel..

Finish.. The spices have the last say within this dram.. Just the way it should be..

Thoughts.. I do love going back to my whisky roots and this possible fiddich allows me to do this… I cut my teeth on Glenfiddich of old and this is so reminiscent of the old style liquid that i remember so well, add to that the fact it is not easy to find Glenfiddich at 21 years that isnt a finish, then its only a win win situation..

What i do like about this Glenfiddich is that you just want to sit with it in your mouth, just gently swirling it around, savouring every delicate flavour and not rushing.. In fact i bet you could easily fall asleep as it just relaxes you to the point of being so content… So if i just laid here.. Id just forget the world..

For those who think Glenfiddich is just an oversized distillery churning out liquid then you really need to try expressions like this one..

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