Copperworks 3 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Whisky and America is not always the perfect pairing, as we are all aware America is all about Bourbon, or so we thought..

Whiskey is widespread and a dominant spirit made all over the world and no matter if you call it whisky or whiskey, all that ever matters is the end result.. But, to get that perfect end result you need a great start, a dedicated team and good practice, not always the reality but that will always show in the end product if any of these are compromised..

We all know the pitfalls of poor quality in any product and whisky / whiskey is no exception so when it comes to trying something new to me the first thing i want to know is a little background on the producer, the history and the people behind the product, its not always possible, it is however easy to get a sense of quality as you sit with a dram and look for said info..

The team at Copperworks seem to have a passionate beer background and as we all know, to make whisky / whiskey you kinda gotta make beer first so why not make it a natural step from the love of beer, and lets face it whisky is far better than beer ( release the dogs of hell on me at this point )..

Founded by Jason Parker, Micah Nutt and Jeff Kanof this small craft distillery which is located on the waterfront in downtown Seattle, Washington. comprising of 4 copper stills produced by the world renowned Forsyths, which as many of you will know is the number one name in the production of copper still.. 3 of these stills are traditional pot stills with one column still added, these stills allow the production of whiskey, vodka and gin to all be produced under the one roof..


Batch 1 – Copperworks 3 year old Whiskey – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

So that Boutique-y Whisky Company have only gone and brought us yet another new distillery, that must take the tally to well over 160 different labels.. They don’t like to sit on their laurels..

This indie bottler is constantly searching for the next best thing and does not allow the dust to gather under their feet, with whiskies, whisky, bourbons and a host of other liquids being sourced this is fast becoming a company of reputation and a name that suggests quality and ideals that can be trusted..

Distillery.. Copperworks

Region.. Seattle – Washington

Age.. 3 years

Abv.. 50.7%

Nose.. Pine needles on a wet morning, a damp forest floor and the memory of a freshly bitten apple, freshly sawn wood in a carpenters workshop and just a hint of cinnamon resting on the top of a freshly baked apple pie..

Palate.. An instant hit of wood and spices that lead quietly into orange rind, espresso coffee and fruit salad sweets..

Finish.. A little bitterness creeps in to what is a medium spicy finish..

Thoughts.. This is quite different to anything I have tried before and although i wont say it made me sit up and eagerly dive in for more it did pique an interest that allowed this whiskey to grow on me..

Whiskey is all about opinions and taste and one persons love is another’s hate, this has been awaited for some time after i had heard so many good things and although as i said the earth didn’t move for me it did help with the notion that my palate is my own and although it is always good to listen to others opinions you should always go and find out for yourself.. That said, please don’t think this is in anyway bad, it isn’t.. Its just not floating my boat today, it might tomorrow though !!

With thanks to That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Atom Brands for this official sample..


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