An in-depth talk with – Dominic Roskrow

Part 1..


I had the immense pleasure of sitting down once again with The Whisky Circus to chat with Dominic Roskrow.. The founder of The Wizards of Whisky awards, Author of a long list of whisky books, Critic, Whisky judge and avid heavy metal fan, O and football of course..

Dominic is a long standing advocate of Scotch but as any good journalist does he expanded his knowledge and became one of the top people to talk to regarding World Whisky, his knowledge is second to none and as you will see his passion for both Scotch and world whiskies comes across strongly in this and Part two, yes there is a part two..

During this session we get to know a little more about what drives Dominic and why he created The Wizards of Whisky Awards and what they stand for..



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