Glen Scotia 14 Year Old Tawny Port Finish

Glen Scotia

Located in Campbeltown, once regarded as the whisky capital of Scotland, the distillery  was founded in 1832 by two families ( the Stewart’s and Galbraith families ) who ran the distillery until 1895 when Glen Scotia was sold to Duncan MacCallum who in turn sold out to the West Highland Malt Distillers in 1919..  MacCallum buys the distillery back in 1924 after West Highland Malt Distillers go into bankruptcy.

Glen Scotia Distillery is closed just 4 years later and owner Duncan MacCallum unfortunately commits suicide 2 years later in 1930..  Production starts again in 1933 after being taken over by the Bloch Brothers..

Jumping forward to 1984 when the distillery once again closes its doors and sits silent for 5 more years until Gibson International takes over control from Amalgated Distillers Products in 1989 before selling out again in 1994 to Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Ltd who mothballed the distillery once again..

Loch Lomond Group takes control of Glen Scotia in 1999 and re starts production with the help of Springbank and the rest of the history is still been written !!


14 year old Tawny Port Finish – Glen Scotia

Distillery.. Glen Scotia

Region.. Campbeltown

Age.. 14 years

Abv.. 52.8% – Cask strength

Casks.. First Fill Ex Bourbon – Finished in Seasoned Tawny Port Hogsheads

This Limited edition was bottled for the 2020 Campbeltown whisky festival which was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid 19 lockdown.. It is NCF and natural colour

Nose.. Chocolate and Freshly picked cherries bounce out at you along with candied oranges, old leather, liquorice, marzipan, plum jam and a little spiciness, add to this the gentle wisp of smoke and this nose is screaming for you to dive right in..

Palate.. As you would expect this starts off with a nice waft of smoke and earthy flavours, loads of blackcurrant jam, plums, dark chocolate, cinnamon, Manuka honey, tobacco leaf, ginger, pepper and a touch of citrus bitterness towards the end..

Finish.. Lingering spices with a little smoky dryness

Thoughts.. You know when you buy a bottle for review purpose, drink it before you realise you have not actually reviewed it yet, need to buy another, why, well because it was just so damn good !!

Liquid like this is made with no bullshit behind it, its made by people who care about what they do, its made for people who want to drink whisky… What more do you need to know ?

There is no pompous marketing behind the brand, its sold on merit, the liquid speaks for itself and is sold from the words of people who appreciate the liquid for what it actually is, and this is the very reason this whisky is appreciated by so many..

If you want to learn a little more about Glen Scotia and the whisky they produce then check out the video below..


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