Glen Moray – Marsala Cask

The Whisky Circus Meets Glen Moray

In these dark times of lockdown strange things begin to happen, people from all walks of life come together and begin to chat, groups are formed, alliances made and then Zoom.. As if it wasn’t bad enough that we get together and chat, we now sit down and drink whisky..

whisky circus

The Whisky Circus was set up with the intention of bringing people together, sharing thoughts, having a laugh and just trying to get through these difficult times, we share drams and put the world to rights and that can be interesting when you have a group of people who have opinions..

As a group we meet and discuss all things whisky and this has progressed into having some guest speakers on from the within the whisky industry and even this has progressed into the group now having our first bottle of whisky.. Ok we didn’t exactly get a full cask but we did get a bottle each from Glen Moray, this was all after the great chat from Iain..

Anyway a small group of us got together again and cracked open the bottle and gave a masterclass in how not to do a serious whisky tasting.. Enjoy the world of the whisky Circus..

Glen Moray

Distillery.. Glen Moray

Region.. Speyside

Abv.. 57.6%

Cask.. First fill Bourbon / Finished in a Marsala wine cask

This is a BYO from the Glen Moray distillery..



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