World Whisky Blend – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

We all know Blends are so inferior to Single malts, obviously, no one drinks them, they are poor quality, and just chucked together in some mysterious way..

Well that’s actually far from the reality, blends are the biggest selling commodity in the whisky sector, far outstripping the single malt market.

It is also a myth that they are poor quality, and as we are beginning to realise, blends can be rather expensive, not to mention containing some of the rarest malts, grains and aged stocks available..

Todays review however is slightly different, yes it is a blend, yes its pretty cheap in todays market and yes it is actually designed to be used with a mixer or in cocktails.. Does that make it inferior, not at all, but we do have to look at these things slightly differently. It is unfair to review as a stand alone drink, although I will be doing that today, it will however be done with this in mind..

Boutique-y whisky, have designed a blend that incorporates whiskies from around the world in order to be drunk YOUR WAY.. As whisky should be !!

Far too often I hear ” this whisky is poor, its bland with no flavour” but they neglect to realise it is designed to be a mixing whisky, it is not designed to be drunk alone and to blow your mind with awesome flavours, that’s the mixers, other spirits job, it is there to add strength and to be a part of something bigger..

A Blended Whisky From Around The World..

Incorporating whisky made from varying countries around the world Sam Simmons, Dr Whisky or the blending Guy from That Boutique-y Whisky Company is responsible for several if not most of the blends that hail from TBWC these days and his pedigree is second to none when it comes to putting these blends together.. Believe me I have tried a few now and none have let me down….

Distillery.. The Worlds Distilleries

Region.. Planet Earth

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 41.6%

Casks.. A multitude

This is a blended whisky..

Nose.. Fresh apple peels, pineapple, a subtle hint of pear, Digestive biscuits, Lemon rind and honey..

Palate.. There is a youthful grainy note that leads straight into lemon tarte, orange rind and pineapple fritters. Spices are evident with Ginger being more prominent, cinnamon making an appearance and of course the honey brings in the sweetness.

Finish.. Short and sharp

Thoughts.. Firstly remember this isn’t designed to just stand alone, it is a multifunctioning blend and that cannot be stressed enough.. Alone I do find it forgettable in the sense there are better whiskies on my shelf, I however did mix it with some delicious lemonade and boy does it come alive in this scenario, but be warned it does then become dangerous as I soon polished off a couple of glasses and a good half bottle.. I am not one for cocktails but I really do see this becoming a staple bottle for those who love to mix whisky with whatever, and when you do sit and analyse this release and take into consideration the effort and understanding of what this is designed for, it becomes understandable..

If you are someone who likes to mix it up then this is certainly a bottle worth considering, if you are looking for something to drink while playing cards for example then I can see this being a good choice too, if however you are going to sit and pull it apart then this isn’t the whisk for you.. You have missed the point of it entirely.. Enjoy

If you do fancy a bottle however, it can be found HERE ..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Smeds says:

    So I’ve got to divide by 7 and multiply by 5. Will the maths never end!! 🥃


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    I did neglect to mention this blend is actually a 70cl bottle


  3. Smeds says:

    Boutique-y blends are banging – just that 50cl is bending my biscuit!! Price x2 (litre) ÷ 10 (100ml) x7 (70cl) = more than I thought. Dougie Laing too. Whisky Tango Fuck!! Regards to your frontline. Keep it moist 🥃


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