Home is where the heart is…

Well we didn’t see this coming 6 months ago did we..

Reports are saying we are in for a long lock down, that means a lot of hardship is ahead, its going to get worse before it gets better !!

In these unprecedented times we need to sit down and realise what is important in life, some of our actions really do need to be pulled back a notch and some of us need to take a good long look in a mirror and think ” do I like what I am seeing” I am not talking about our appearances but rather the actions we are incorporating in to our lives.. There wont be many people alive who have known times like this, there is not one person who will not feel some sort of effect from this Covid 19 (corona virus ) compassion is certainly needed right now..

Our NHS ( or shall we just call them hero’s from now on ?)  are the front line defence in the war against this rather terrible Virus that is attacking our families, our friends and people we know, but it really shouldn’t be the NHS who defends us, it should be us who defends ourselves !! The stay home campaign is essential to get through this and no matter if you think its too late or not its about time we all started to realise this is serious and start to do our little bit to help everyone else out there..

We will all know people out there who have not only lost their jobs and the only way they can support their loved ones but we might also know people who have actually contracted this Virus, they may have pulled through, they might have actually lost loved ones and for those who had to die they did so alone !! if that’s not enough to stir up some emotions within you and scare the bloody life out of you then I am afraid you are not human !

I work in two industries, I say work but one is basically a passion and most of you will know I now hold a position within the whisky industry of which I was extremely proud to be offered but as things turnout the timing was really bad but I look upon the rest of the industry who are now turning from making Whisky, Gin and possibly other spirits but they are now producing Hand Sanitizers for our heroes in the NHS and indeed for those who are also front line like our Police forces, Ambulance drivers ( yes I know they are NHS ) Fire Brigade, Army and so many more professions who seem to be overlooked.. Lets also mention those people who are still operating the shops in order to make sure we can still eat.. Respect these people too, far too many people are loosing their minds and abusing these people, Grow up !! We are all in this together..

My second job as many know is Farming, we are doing our little bit to ensure normality is something we can look forward to, we are planting our crops, we are feeding our animals and tending to the land around us, we are human too you know !! so for all those of you who are having to stay at home, please remember we are the ones who are helping to feed you too.. We don’t need the abuse, we don’t need to hear you complain we are making noise and disturbing your afternoon nap or the lounging around In the garden…

I am proud to be working in two industries that are doing something to help everyone out there and no matter who you are or what you do then please do your little bit STAY HOME.. This is the best way we can combat this Virus, Wash your hands using soap, wash for 20 seconds, its not hard to do and you might just help to save those who you love…

I know times are hard and what we are all going through is alien for us, but we have to stick together and if we do we will get through this..

For those of you who like to engage with the whisky world,  those of us who are representing the industry say, please keep in touch, we mostly all on the social media platforms, we are still here to talk and engage with you.. All the companies are struggling, jobs are at risk, most of the people are just like you and are having to stay at home too..

If you are stuck for something to do then please check out some of the games on social media, Boutique-y are doing a guess the label on Twitter each morning, Dave from Boutique-y is also doing a breakfast club ( well I say Breakfast its nearer dinner for some of us.. ) 9.30 on Instagram I believe. Those YouTube Vloggers are doing their best to entertain too, Andy at MaltBox is doing a few live streams, he’s is always entertaining, New Dram Drinker is worth a look in too, they are great entertainment for those of you who like something a little more relaxed, Roy at Aqvavitae is a must watch as is the Scotch Test Dummies, Whisky in the 6 and not forgetting Whisky Whistle .. There are hundreds of channels to keep you entertained, just type in Whisky and you will have months of content..

The distilleries also have their own channels, check those out, we still need your support by engaging with us, we are here and waiting to chat.. Most are already doing social media events and want to stay in touch but we all realise whisky is a commodity that may not be essential to you right now but we still need your support, we need you to know we are still here and once this period of uncertainty is over we will still be here for you too..

Don’t forget the Blogs too !! There are some fantastic writers out there who are still putting words on paper ( well you know what I mean )  Amateur drammer,Whiskyphiles  and lets not forget The Dramble I have to mention Malt too, they may be a grumpy lot but they do entertain and they can write some pretty good stuff.. Then if you get bored with them i dont mind if you browse HERE too.. There are so many more blogs out there so please search about and if you have a channel on youtube or write a blog then please add a link in the comments section..

On top of all this are the ever present Twitter tastings hosted by Steve Rush, these are great fun to be a part of and everyone can join in, even if not picked we always appreciate your input..

Lastly don’t forget those podcasts.. Uncorked by That Boutique-y Whisky Company, The awesome Whisky Cast and not forgetting the Ant n Dec show – This is my Dram ( they are not really called Ant n Dec but like those two no one knows who is who )

The most important message though is PLEASE STAY HOME.. STAY SAFE and help each other by helping yourself.. Respect our NHS, respect all the front line workers and respect each other… Lets stand united in the efforts to overcome Covid 19…



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  1. thinkwhisky says:

    Spot on mate.

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  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Very good well said yet again Sorren.

    These are scary unprecedented times.. staying home, staying safe to protect not only the NHS but also our loved ones is of the utmost importance just now.

    As you say, there are things to entertain us, blogs, podcasts, etc. And believe it or not these do help. I for one am not ashamed to admit that I’m missing the connections felt at festivals etc. but they will return. I’m looking at posts that bring me some good memories. It helps to ward off feeling too isolated.

    No one really knows what we are facing on personal levels at this time. The most important thing is to stay inside and stay safe.

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  3. Smeds says:

    Nice one, Sorren. Grace under pressure, including a MALT shout out. And that’s very much like the story of Jesus*….
    (*other prophets are available).
    Don’t eat all the carrots – people will still need mirepoix after the bug. Slanjeevaurus 🥕

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