Jameson’s Triple – Triple


We have all seen this Irish whiskey sitting on just about every whisky shelf in supermarkets, one of the biggest selling brands of whisky the world over and yet its not a staple in any whisky drinkers household that I know !! Go figure..

Selling over 8 million cases world wide in 2019 ( That’s over 48 million bottles ) Jameson whiskey is the biggest selling Irish whiskey brand in the world and with that the brand offers up some staggering sales figures, and yet I say once again its not one that most of us will turn towards..

With the upsurge in Irish whiskey and the recognition that it deserves finally coming maybe more of us ignorant whisky drinkers will once again turn to some of these cheaper offerings as we search out the long missed bargains..

Triple Triple – Jameson

This Triple triple is a play on words and refers to the triple distillation technique and the fact this whiskey is made up by using three types of casks for maturation, Bourbon, Sherry and Malaga wine casks have all been used in the making of this whiskey that also incorporates both malted and unmalted barley ( pot still whiskey ) and Irish grain whiskey that is produced within the Midleton distillery.

Distillery.. Midleton

Region.. Co Cork Ireland

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 40%

Casks.. Bourbon, Sherry, Malaga wine

Nose.. Soft and quite floral.. Lemon tart, apple blossom and soft honey notes descend into subtle cinder toffee, freshly cut grass and poached pear.

Palate.. Soft spices lead into citrus fruits and gentle apple notes, while the sweetness arrives from toffee, caramel and a fading hint of honey.

Finish.. Short but fresh..

Thoughts.. Although the low abv does affect this I still think the merit is coming from the triple distilled liquid, this soft liquid offers up some delightful, subtle aromas/flavours, the delicate ones that Irish whisky is better known for..

This sample was kindly supplied by Omar from That’s Dram Good 

For an Irish view on this liquid then check out Omar’s opinion HERE 


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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    We can compare many drams that when stood alone are perfectly acceptable but put them up against others and they fall into insignificance, tastes, palates and opinions all differ and that is the beauty of whisky / whiskey..


  2. Smeds says:

    Put a redbreast or yellow spot against this and it becomes more obvious why it’s not on our shelves. I gave away a bottle after not getting on with the couple of drams I tasted. Black barrel was okay but I just don’t see the appeal versus the competition. Brand loyalty, I suppose. Irish, generally, is not on my hitlist and this is hardly going to light a fire. Well done on the “English appointment”, by the way. Seems a very good fit. Slanjeevaurus 🥃

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