Glen Grant 10 Year Old

Glen Grant

Founded in 1840 by James and John Grant this distillery sits in Beautiful surroundings and is another picturesque distilleries hiding in the heart of Speyside.

A very traditional distillery built from stone and without the white washed walls this distillery has produced whisky rated very highly by Jim Murray ( the Whisky Bible ) in fact the distillery once upon a time had a sister distillery aptly named Glen Grant no2.. How’s that for originality ? Opened in 1897 it only lasted a few years as in 1903 the second distillery was mothballed, and although it did re open in 1965 it was re named Caperdonich.

Although the impression of Glen Grant by many is it is a small distillery it actually has the capacity to produce 6.2 million litres of alcohol per year from its 12.3 ton semi – lauter mash tun, ten pine washbacks, and four pairs of stills all fitted with purifiers..

10 year old – Glen Grant

Distillery.. Glen Grant

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 10 years

Abv.. 40%

Casks.. Bourbon

Nose.. Subtle hints of Vanilla, freshly cut grass, lemon drizzle cake, green apples, pear and a delicate hint of digestive biscuits

Palate.. Fresh fruits, some gentle honey notes that mingle with soft spices and a little vanilla.

Finish.. Gentle spices and a little sweetness

Thoughts.. Lets clear one thing up first, this is £30 ish, its an entry level whisky and it wont blow your socks off !! its not designed to either !! it is an entry level whisky that is expected to show the merits of whisky to those who don’t drink whisky very much, take that into consideration and it becomes something else, it is enjoyable, it is easy drinking, it is very approachable and it will not break the bank..

Ok for those who have progressed a little on their journey this might not impress, for some this will of course be everything that’s wrong with the industry, and for those who cant find too much to be positive about this will no doubt be inadequate and not worthy..

But as I already mentioned this is an entry level whisky that is priced to be so, it’s simplicity is it’s strength so be open minded and pour a dram of this, sit back and just drink it, don’t over think it, just bloody drink it….


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  1. scottysdrams says:

    Because I travel up the A95 through Speyside towards Aberdeen, I always bypass Rothes and the Glen Grant Distillery. When this C-19 problem has cleared, I will make an effort to go and try and visit, and maybe try some before then. The Rothes distilleries aren’t really on my radar apart from Speyburn and Caperdonich…. Good read btw.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    These more citrus lead and sweeter aromas and flavours are very evident in a lot of whiskies these days and may be showing a better understanding into wood management


  3. Smeds says:

    I have a fondness for Glen Grant that goes back to the G&M 60s vintages that, at the time, seemed a bit expensive at a ton (now looks ridiculously cheap) and probably mirrors your appreciation of Auchentoshan inasmuch as we cut them more slack as regards our opinions of the less stellar releases. There seem to be lemons and vanilla in so many different bourbon matured brands these days – must be something to do with increased good wood management and appreciation throughout the industry over the past 15 years or so. Love lemony whisky🥃

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