Water Proof Blended Malt Whisky

Water Proof Whisky

What the hell !!

Water Proof whisky, what’s that all about ? Well my fellow whisky nerds it isn’t whisky that is waterproof that’s for sure..

A week or so ago I was contacted to see if I would take a look at a new whisky that was about to be released, ” You have my address !!” ( well they have now after I sent them it ) a few days later this rather interesting package arrived, not exactly sample sized so I was rather surprised with the contents, after opening the box and seeing a bright yellow box with Water Proof whisky written on it I must admit I was a little puzzled..

Water Proof whisky is a new release from MacDuff International. ”  MacDuff International is a Scottish whisky company with a number of premium brands. The company is highly regarded as experts in developing new brands. Our mission is to maintain a strong focus on building world class brands and to persistently strive to excite our customers and consumers.”

MacDuff International was founded by Charles Murray, Stewart MacDuff and Edward Thomson in 1992. Charles Murray was Finance Director with Johnnie Walker and United Distillers ; Stewart MacDuff had been a Sales Director in the Far East for Whyte & Mackay, while Edward Thomson had previously worked with White Horse and more recently at Whyte & Mackay as Regional Director.

With labels like Grand Macnish,  Lauders and  Islay Mist under their wings this latest release should be in good company..

Grand Macnish Blended whisky is regarded as one of the oldest blended whiskies in the market today, first releasing in 1863 and with its continuous availability since you can understand why it is well regarded by those who drink it..

Lauders was established even earlier in 1834 and 175 years later they say the style and taste has changed very little. Islay Mist however is a relative baby compared with the first two, launching in the 1920’s the whisky was launched to celebrate the 21st birthday of Lord Margadale. Created using Laphroaig blended with Speyside malts and grain whisky this was for those who found the pure taste of Laphroaig too much for them..

Blended Malts, Blended whiskies are always thought of as been inferior to the single malts and its time that Myth was dispelled !! Blended whisky is by far the largest market for whisky today and it has been that way forever, responsible for over 90% of all whisky sold today the Blends have the last laugh I am afraid. Its time to stop being snobbish about whisky and start to enjoy everything it has to offer, be it blended whisky, blended malt, blended grain or single malt, its all liquid made from just a handful of ingredients and masterfully put together or created if you want to be precise..

I was recently at a tasting where we tasted all 5 drams blindly, three of the participants happily boasted at the beginning that they didn’t touch the Blends as they were inferior and tasted “rank ” well that’s the polite version! at the end of the Blind tasting they were a little more humble having picked a Blend as top choice and a Blended malt as third place only interrupted by the single grain, the two single malts were well and truly put in their place and believe me they were pretty good malts !!

My point is simple, Don’t over look blends as you might be surprised at the actual quality they can offer..


Water Proof Blended Scotch Whisky

So the name is a little more clever than you originally think.

Water – because there is rather a lot of rainfall in Scotland.

Proof – The old way of measuring the strength of whisky or the Water of life !!

You now have – Water Proof

Distillery.. Unknown

Age.. Unknown

Abv.. 45.8%

Cask..  fill and second fill Bourbon and Sherry

Batch.. 001

Nose.. Dates, raisins and dark chocolate bring with them a soft burnt match aroma, soft spices and a little fruitiness.

Palate.. Plenty of tannings greet you before a little bitter dark chocolate, espresso coffee, charring smoke and burnt toffee appears. Subtle hints of honey and fresh fruits battle to get through but they don’t really get passed the darker side of things.

Finish.. Hustle and bustle then silence..

Thoughts.. The nose is quite inviting, the palate delivers flavour but the finish is just a little too short.. This is one of those whiskies that gives you everything in an explosion of flavours and then it just disappears.. The statement reads this is sherry influenced, id say its sherry dominant! the sherry notes are certainly more evident and although id say its not a sherry bomb as such it does give more sherry notes than anything else..

I would also argue there might be a lot of refill sherry casks used but I don’t know for sure, the slight sulphur note might suggest some first fill however, but that aside what are my thoughts ?

Without knowing the price tag its hard to say, if it comes in the exact package I received then im not expecting this to be cheap, I do however think this bottle will be sold on its own, so my thoughts are it shouldn’t be expensive and by that id hope maybe sub £40

This bottle was received free of charge for review purpose only..

I have been advised the RRP for this bottle will be £35 which puts it perfectly where I expected or hoped it would be.. Spot on price and should therefore be a real consideration !!

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Its probably a little more than a crack it open and try, there are some very good flavours and aromas within.. Its just a matter of finding the sweet spot !!


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Smeds.. You really are a grumpy old sod.. LOL .. Blends can be superb and I will prove that to you next time you are at a festival.. Well I will try !!


  3. Smeds says:

    All blends are pants so there is absolutely no point seeking them out at auction, especially the spring caps. As for stuff from the 70s and 80s…. Don’t bother with the Glenleven, especially, it’s not even got any grain in it!! Not even a “proper” blend. Good, glad that’s sorted. I’m here to help.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    Plenty of great blends out there. Just depends on budget and taste. Maybe some are too snobby to look at them or try them? It looks like its just a crack it open and drink sort of bottle. Worth a try.


  5. sorrenkrebs says:

    Well put !! Blends can be spectacular and often overlooked as cheap fodder..

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Whiskey Nut says:

    I do like a good blend.
    Often when presented with a brand range the entry blend sometimes proves most satisfactory to my palate.
    Blends are overlooked for the fancy single malts but provide the solid backbone of the whisky industry worldwide.
    Sláinte to their longevity!


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