Distillery Exclusive Sherry Cask- Bimber


Bimber recently announced the first set of Distillery exclusive bottlings, four expressions were offered to those who visited the distillery and unfortunately sold out rather fast.. A virgin Oak, Sherry and a New make bottling..

Distillery only bottlings certainly have a place in the market and make for a great memory of a visit to a distillery, it does however also rattle those who cant actually get to the distillery in time and can make for a increase in price through flipping scenario. That’s just a way of life these days, people visiting distilleries, buying very limited bottlings and selling on for a quick profit, is this wrong ? Nope, but its also not looked upon in favourable glances, unless of course you are the one who is happy to fuel this secondary market.

For me personally, although I don’t look upon this favourably I also cant give a good enough reason to banish it.. It drives the market, the companies raise the prices, those who don’t have a big enough budget loose out, its dog eat dog but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it other than move on.. There will be another bottle, there will be other chances, its not worth loosing sleep over.

Anyway these distillery exclusives might be young single malts but they sold out rather fast and I certainly didn’t think I would actually get the chance to try them, then out of the blue I received a package, opened it up and 3 samples were retrieved from said parcel.. The distillery exclusives, my chance to try, review and le you know what you and I are missing out upon..

Sherry Cask No 34 – Bimber distillery Exclusive

Distillery.. Bimber

Region.. London UK

Distilled.. 2016

Abv.. 53.9%

Cask.. Sherry

Nose.. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.. This is just an explosion of chocolate with added dried fruits, liquorice laces, plum jam, Turkish delight and just a little Manuka honey..

Palate.. A mahoosive onslaught of dried fruits, dark chocolate, old leather, dried tobacco leaf, dusty bookshelves, sticky toffee pudding with gooey toffee sauce, spices, tannins.. need I go on ?

Finish.. Deliciously long

Thoughts.. How can this be sooooo good at such a tender age ? its incredible ! The flavours and aromas are so mature that you have to keep looking at the label to see if you misread it. With every sip you have to question everything you think you know about young whisky, there is no youthful notes, there are no hints of immaturity, there is no way you would pick this out in a blind tasting as something that is basically a toddler within the whisky world..

You don’t need no PR malarkey, no bullshit sales pitch, this whisky will sell on merit.. Bimber is a distillery on a mission, its mission is quality.. Don’t bother worrying which field the barley was grown, don’t worry about what the cask was, don’t even bother looking at the price, just get down to the distillery and hand over your money..

This whisky is speaking for itself !!!

Samples and picture courtesy of Bimber.

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  1. whiskyjane says:

    How exciting to read that such a young whisky has so much potential. I adore a sherry cask whisky.

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  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    English whisky is certainly on the up.. Watch this space 😂👍

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  3. Smeds says:

    Just me, then. On balance I think Bimber will do just fine, once they’ve hit their stride, but it’s hard to start banging out great whisky straight off the bat (it wasn’t that it was bad, I drank it all, bar a dram or 2, – it was just odd). Take St George’s for example – pants start but knocking out quality these days, signs that they’d got the hang of it in fairly short order. Lakes Whiskymakers 2 is a proper dram, regardless of its youth – I could drink a case of that and I’m interested in the follow up. Slanjeevaurus 🐢


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    That’s strange.. I had a re charred and loved it.. In fact I might just pour some to re try…

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  5. Smeds says:

    Looking forward to trying Bimber at upcoming whiskybrum. Saw off a bottle of the recent(ish) re-charred and thought it a bit weird, all the way down, and couldn’t understand what everyone was banging on about. Tried a fellow whiskyclub member’s bottling a couple of months back and that was also very odd – a lot of gin notes, heavy on the juniper. Must be a lot of batch/cask variations – hope to find a good one (like the one in this review). Slanjeevaurus.

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  6. sorrenkrebs says:

    This was obviously different to the tasting cask too.. Only available if visiting the distillery

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  7. ilovewhisky says:

    Oh bollocks…


  8. sorrenkrebs says:

    Unfortunately not as all sold out.

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  9. ilovewhisky says:

    Will you ever tire of me saying “lovely review”…?

    Lovely review.

    I was lucky to have tried some of the sherry cask on a tasting last year, and was blown away by it. So young, yet so full of character.

    Once again, notes to trust. I’ll be honest, bottle(s) might be bought!!


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