The Gael – J J Corry

J J Corry

There is another name starting to be whispered for those who care to listen, with a little Irish accent its saying the Irish whiskey scene is gathering pace and does not look like its going to slow down any time soon !
The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company are a new breed of Irish whisky Bonders,  bottling Irish Blended Whiskey like the Irish Bonders of old.  Founded by Louise McGuane, a farmers daughter who left her Irish home some 20 years ago and forged herself a career within the drinks industry, including a leading position within the drinks giants Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Moët Hennessey..
Returning home Louise founded The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company, with stocks bought in from a third party distillery who are producing the whiskey which the company are now filling into casks specifically selected by Louise in order to get a particular finished product for the blended whisky they intend to produce..
The company became the first licensed bonder within Ireland’s living memory,  the first barrels arrived at their new home in December of 2016, in April of 2016 those first barrels of spirit had been filled.

The barrels had originally been sourced from Louisville, Kentucky and filled with both new make single malt and single grain new make spirit.. The barrels once moved to the new destination are then left to mature on the west coast of Ireland within a small “ Rack house” specifically built on the family farm..

Louise names the brand of Whiskey after J J Corry who himself was a whisky bonder in the 1800’s, located close to where the company is situated, J J Corry set up a small shop in the 1890’s, located at 63 Henry Street, Kilrush which was the only place he sold his “Corry’s Special Malt” sold by the glass or jar for 3 pennies..
Not only did he sell “Whiskey” he was also known for the Tea from India, Rum from the Caribbean, Wine from France and Port from Portugal.. He even invented a bicycle which he named “The Gael”


The Gael – Batch 1

The Gael is named after J J Corry’s bicycle and is this review is for batch 1..

Distillery.. Not named ( Although I believe the distilleries used to source the liquid were Bushmills and Cooley )

Region.. Ireland

Age.. Nas.. (  Although the youngest liquid is 7 years )

Abv.. 46%

Outturn.. 7500 bottles

This is a 750ml bottle of Irish blended whiskey that is made up with..

40% 7 year old Irish single grain whiskey

27.5% 11 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

27.5% 15 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

5% 26 year old Sherry Matured Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Nose.. Soft fruits and blossom descend into citrus aromas.. Freshly peeled golden delicious apples, peach, pineapple and poached pears softly lead into an apple orchard full of blossom, wet grass beneath your feet and soft honey notes.

Palate.. Those peaches, apples and fresh pineapple notes hit instantly, honey soon follows with a soft cinnamon note developing quietly in the background..

Finish.. Soft oak and a little sweetness.

Thoughts.. I cant tell you just how good this whiskey is..

Its light, floral side just put a smile instantly on my face, this is the style of whiskey that makes reviewing whisky a real pleasure, not only that it makes drinking whiskey a real pleasure..

I know.. the reason you are here is because drinking whisky is your pleasure, but this for me just gives a little more, it is so easy to drink with its soft delicate nature, it will always be the kind of whiskey that manages to bring me out of the depths of despair and back into the real world..

Its not intrusive, its not a big bold whiskey which punches you in the face when you entertain it, its not a big peaty expression that just blows your socks off in the cold winter months.. It is however soft, delicate and incredibly sensual, the flavours may even be too delicate for some to appreciate, but if you get it, then you get it !!

This is Bloody good, Blended Irish whiskey that just screams quality and should demand your full attention.. This sets the bar in 2020 for me !!!!!



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  1. thinkwhisky says:

    Sounds like a nice one mate.


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