Clynelish 21 year old That Boutique-y Whisky Company

It seems yet again the effects of scamming is hitting the whisky community, fake bottles and people offering high end or hard to find bottles that just do not exist is becoming more and more common these days and the only advice I can really offer is to make sure you buy from a reputable company..

I only use a handful of online shops myself and the most common is Master of Malt There are of course plenty of others out there and the other option is to personally go to a shop and buy from them, this not only supports the local , small business it also ensures you get the bottle in your hands there and then..

As someone that does buy rather too many bottles I do feel very lucky in the fact as far as I am aware I have not as yet being effected by some scummy person trying to rip me off from my hard earned cash.. This is however a result of the booming success of the whisky industry and the fact that some bottles can command many thousands of pounds and the “whisky bubble” as its so aptly named still shows no sign of bursting..

Life is hard enough without having to watch out for these people that just assume they are entitled to other peoples hard earned cash without doing anything themselves and that is unfortunately a part of our society these days..

As the video explains it isn’t always our first thought to do a full research into who or where you buy things from and the internet has certainly helped the scammers to multiply and increase the activity.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

As one of the leading independent bottlers in the whisky industry I am sure it wont be overly long before some of the high end bottles become the target of these scammers, bottles like the Macallan, Port Ellen and Rosebanks that TBWC has offered recently are certainly the kind of releases these people will be targeting, add to the list the likes of Springbank and Auchentoshan ( ok maybe not Auchentoshan, that’s just wishful thinking on my behalf ) and you have a growing list of bottles to be aware off.. I am not sure what these companies can really do about the ongoing onslaught of scammers that are faking these bottles and I am well aware that the majority of fake bottles are probably official bottles but it wont be long before any high end bottles become targeted..

So once again I stress be very careful where you buy any bottles from and as obvious as it is make sure you do a little research before buying from the secondary markets because even the auction sites can not be 100% safe !! Private sellers can be the most obvious instsnt for trying to scam you..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company is under the Atom umbrella and therefore the main outlet is Master of Malt, shop here and you are safe, ( I get no commission from advising you of this !!!! ) I just want you to be safe and not feel the pain of losing money and from receiving something that obviously isn’t what you expected… BE AWARE..

Batch 7 – 21 year old Clynelish

Distillery.. Clynelish

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 21 years

Abv.. 47.8%

Batch.. 7

Outturn.. 1174 bottles

Bottler.. That Boutiquey Whisky Company

Nose.. At first this nose is quite subtle, it offers up delicate floral aromas with a little fruit orchard notes but then it just seems to spring into life with ripe banana, pineapple, stewed apples, gingerbread and a touch of toffee..

Palate.. A nice ginger note leads into fruits, honey and soft oak notes with a gentle waxy mouth feel and citrus bitterness.

Finish.. Warming spices that fade far too quickly, slightly drying..

Thoughts.. One of the better indie bottles of Clynelish that I have tasted, if the finish was a little stronger then it might just have been a real contender for the best dram in the calendar this year.. Still it is a very decent dram and one that I am sure will please many of the whisky drinkers out there..

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  1. whiskymaiden says:

    This is such a shame but well done for highlighting this and posting the video.

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  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Exactly.. I refuse to buy from anywhere other than reputable sellers that I know.. if I buy from individuals then I want it done face to face with a hand over..


  3. Timp says:

    Cheers for posting this, sad times indeed.

    Although these people have always been there, they now inhabit the whisky world in a more organised and professional manner.

    Also makes me suspicious when I see these random bottles, ( often Macallan ) for sale on forum sites for instance. As you say buyer beware..

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