Macduff 10 year old Batch 8 That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Founded by the Macduff Distillers Company in 1960 the distillery has the capacity to produce 3.4million litres of alcohol per year which like so many of the other brands it will go into blends like William Lawson which sold a staggering 37 million bottles in 2017 and was established in 1889, way before Macduff was even a consideration.

Today the distillery comes under the ownership of John Dewar & Sons Ltd and although you don’t see any official bottlings under the Macduff name that is because they have always been released under the Glen Deveron name and more latterly The Deveron..

The indie bottlers do seem to be fond of this distillery though as you can see we are on batch 8 from TBWC releases and several other of the indies do seem to have quite a few releases under their belts too.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Take a gander at the label on this one folks.. The official line is this is Macduff but you and I might know him better as Macbeth, you know, the play we shouldn’t mention in fear of bad luck.. Well it doesn’t seem like there’s too much bad luck when it ends with a dram !! Once again some twisted brain at the Boutique-y headquarters has come up with a real complex label in order to help us poor souls into understanding the contents.. Bravo…

Batch 8 – 10 year old Macduff

Distillery.. Macduff

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 10 years

Abv.. 50.2%

Outturn.. 1160 bottles

Price £59.95

Bottler.. TBWC

Nose.. A chocolate note slowly fades into vanilla, dried fruits and a hint of black forest gateau, in the background there is a subtle pineapple note along with soft spices and a hint of damp barley..

Palate.. Apple pie with vanilla custard, cinnamon buns, chocolate sprinkles, pineapple, apple peel and candied orange.

Finish.. Oaky with a touch of ginger..

Thoughts.. This shows a maturity beyond its 10 years in casks and unlike so many others that does indeed give this an edge, as already discussed earlier there are not a great deal of bottlings under the Macduff name and with quality like this release its hard to understand why that is.

When you get spirit that shows a greater maturity it in my mind shows a great new make was produced in the first place, its like so many things in life, if you give it the best possible start then it should only get better.. This got better !!



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