Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon

Michter’s  Shively Distillery

Located in Shively, Louisville, Michter’s Distillery is spread across 12.8 acres or around 87,000 square feet, this facility is the home to all of Michter’s processing and bottling operations, as well as two of its small pot stills.

October 2014, Michter’s installed a custom-built 32 inch diameter, 46 foot high copper column still with a distinctive copper pot still doubler. Designed by Vendome’s Rob Sherman, Michter’s Master Distiller Emeritus Willie Pratt, and Michter’s Master Distiller Pam Heilmann, this new still will allow Michter’s to eventually produce more of its whiskey/Bourbon in order to satisfy growing demand around the world.

The copper column still which stands 46 feet high and is 32 inches in diameter has 19 trays and 4 levels of extra copper grids custom designed by the distillers for the production of an “even more extraordinary distillate”. This distillation system is comprised of approximately 11,000 pounds of copper and was built by Vendome Copper & Brass Works.

The whiskey is then aged in Kentucky rickhouses and this area is particularly good due to its climate for aging whiskey because of its dramatic seasonal temperature fluctuations.  Michter’s also takes the extra step of aging its whiskey in heat cycled warehouses despite the significant extra cost of greater “Angel’s Share” evaporation.

Michter’s Small Batch

This small batch American Bourbon from Michters is made from a corn and in small batches.. Once the Bourbon is aged to the point of selection it is vatted together in a holding tank that holds no more than 20 barrels..

Bottled at 91.4% Proof or 45.7% abv in the UK .

Nose.. Very typically corn dominated with a full on sweet style aroma, popcorn, caramel, soft spices with a hint of rye in the background.. A soft hint of dried fruits eventually trickles through along with a little chocolate and Jaffa cakes.

Palate..  More of the oak shows here than the palate might have suggested along with the rye content, plenty of buttery corn flavours, toffee, caramel and vanilla sweetness..

Finish.. Lingering spices and oak.

Thoughts.. My first venture into Michters will not be my last !! There is plenty going on within this bottle and all that does it make you want to explore more of the range.. A tasty introduction into the world of American Bourbon/whiskey…

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