Bimber The first Release

There is a distillery with a real freshness located within Englands capital city.. Bimber.. A british distillery with Polish heritage and traditions, a real life story of a man, his grandfather and a passion to carry on the tradition and craft he learned as a boy..

Darius came to the Uk in 2003 with his family and had a dream, and unlike so many of us he made his dream come alive. His grandfather had been a bootlegger back in his native Poland and Darius wanted to bring those traditions his Grandfather had taught him back to life but obviously at a grander scale and fully legal..

The Bimber distillery was born in 2015 with the first casks being laid down in 2016 and for those who have already been lucky enough to try some of the spirit then you will already know that something special is happening within those walls..

Bimber Release 01 Px Cask

Distillery.. Bimber

Region.. UK




Cask.. Pedro Ximenez Sherry Butts

Outturn.. 1000 bottles

RRP.. £120

Nose.. A burst of dried fruits, plum jam and sticky toffee pudding greets the senses and is soon followed by dark chocolate, candied orange, glacier cherries and a little ginger.

Palate.. This is where it comes alive for me, the flavours are so bold and extremely well balanced for such a young whisky.. Dried fruits, chocolate, coffee, burnt sugars, toffee sauce, bakewell tart and soft hints of cinnamon, ginger and sugared almonds..

Finish.. Long and warming

Thoughts.. I have said it before with some samples I received from Bimber that the liquid at this tender age is offering such maturity that there really is an excitement to see how this spirit matures and tastes after 10 or so years but in my opinion there is no need to wait.. Its ready now !!

At 3 years of age this whisky is already matured beyond its tender age and unlike some distilleries who are releasing young whisky that shows what might be but still has that youthful feel this Bimber whisky is the total opposite, its actually ready and shows very little if any of that youthful side..

I appreciate that the sherry casks will play a part in that maturity but the bourbon matured whisky is the same so unlike some whiskies that have had the imperfections covered up by the boldness of sherry casks this just doesn’t seem the case in this instance.

Thumbs up to Bimber and I really wish them every success..

This sample was supplied by Bimber for review purposes only..


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  1. archiesdram says:

    Hope so. I’m sure it will be.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    The journey is certainly going to be interesting and hopefully long !!

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  3. archiesdram says:

    I’ve read a couple of reviews from people that have tried the new whisky from Bimber. It’ll be interesting to follow what happens in the future.

    Nice glass too.

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