Edradour 2008 Bourbon


Anyone who has visited the Edradour distillery will be aware of just how beautiful this little distillery is, the white walls set off with the red doors and surrounded by the beautiful Scottish countryside, trees and the babbling brook that meanders through the distillery grounds just make this an idealistic setting..
Originally founded in 1825 Edradour was originally named Glenforres, it wasn’t until around 1837 that the Edradour name was mentioned in records. The distillery was for a long time regarded as Scotland’s smallest distillery, something it can no longer boast however this small distillery can still claim to be one of the more eye pleasing settings.
Now under the ownership of Andrew Symington ( signatory ) who bought the distillery back in 2002 for the sum of 5.4 million the distillery has a rather impressive selection of bottles available within a well set out visitor centre shop and runs very friendly tours..
Edradour has the capacity to produce 260,000 litres of alcohol per year, the distillery is best known for producing an unpeated malt but Edradour has produced peated expressions, namely Ballechin, although over the recent years production has almost ceased a small amount has been produced in the old distillery and is peated to a level of 50ppm.

Edradour 2008 Cask Strength

Distillery.. Edradour
Region.. Highlands
Distilled.. 25-4-2008
Bottled.. 13-11-2018
Abv.. 58.7%
Cask.. Bourbon
Nose.. Initially vanilla and toffee notes with some soft spices, a little coconut arrives with hints of chocolate digestive biscuits, oak and honey.
Palate.. Certainly more spicy here, a hit if fresh ginger and white pepper, cinnamon brings in a hint of apple pie, vanilla custard and the faintest hint of fried pineapple.
Finish.. Spicy
Thoughts.. This is rather interesting and at the same time hard work, there is a youthful note that just resonates right through, the palate is where it shows up the most but once you get passed it it becomes rather tasty.
This is a freshly opened bottle and hopefully the longer it’s opened the better it will get, I have often found with Edradour that it really does need time to release its secrets and a bottle opened for a few months certainly becomes more approachable.
I do generally enjoy the wares from Edradour and although this is once again showing some imperfections there is still a nice quality to be found, the spirit is good and does have plenty of good points, I know some people don’t get along with it but give it a try, you might just love it !!
And if you get the chance to visit then go.. It’s a beautiful distillery and the cream Liqueur is to die for !! Possibly the best I have tried..

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  1. Bob says:

    Sounds very fruity!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. John Best says:

    I find Edradour a little strange at times but maybe it’s just the strange cask variations.

    Liked by 1 person

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