It’s time to think about Those Whisky Advent Calendars

Christmas Whisky Advent Calendar

O come on it’s only September I hear you shout but as they say the early bird catches the worm !!
For anyone who loves getting their hands on a whisky advent calendar might just want to start looking as one or two of them are at a bargain price right now..
I always mosey on over to Master of Malt when I’m buying my calendar but I’m sure there are other outlets out there that do offer similar products..
Please find a link to the full page below just incase you want to browse the full selection of calendars including Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Whisky, and even a Calendar of Curiosities, curious? Well so was I …
I will also highlight the odd calendar that I think is at a bargain price right now..
Firstly look no further than That Boutique-y Whisky Calendar, normally £249 but at the bargain price of £149.95 so hurry if you want to grab this as the price will go up the closer we get..
There is also this Irish whisky / Whiskey calendar which I’m sure is the first time this has been on offer.. Again retail price is £149.95 but from the spoiler list it certainly looks intriguing !!
Then if a little American tipple floats your boat then how about this American Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye Calendar, retailing at £124.95 what’s not to like ?
And for that bargain calendar what about the Boutique-y Gin Company Calendar it’s only blooming £49.95 .. Who’s gonna argue at that price ??
Then another new one for me, how about the Whisky Explorer Advent Calendar.. A different whisky every day for the run up to Christmas.. Well what you waiting for, it’s a mere £99.95…
For the full list of Advent Calendars here is the link..
Please note prices were correct at time of publishing, the prices may alter at any time.. You have been warned !!
There are no commission links in this page !!

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