Casg Annamh


This distillery sits on the outskirts of the town of Aberlour in Banffshire, originally founded by banker James Fleming in 1879 who’s motto was “ Let the Deed show” which basically means our whisky will do our talking.. And it certainly does..
Aberlour Distillery is like so many others but with the added extra that when you step through the door it almost feels like stepping back in time, I’m not sure why as the Distillery is certainly not dated or run down, it just has that feeling..
The visitor centre is compact and you really don’t want to be there when it’s busy but as soon as you walk through the door it’s feels like you are coming home, the staff are always super friendly, the guides are almost like distant family and the whisky.. O the whisky is superb.

Casg Annamh Batch 001

Casg Annamh which is Gaelic for rare cask is kind of a replacement in the market for Abunadh, although The Abunadh isn’t actually going anywhere it kind of moved up the scale with its price range..
This whisky has been matured within Oloroso Sherry casks from European wood and 1st and 2nd fill American oak.
Distillery.. Aberlour
Region.. Speyside
Age.. NAS
Abv.. 48%
Cask.. European and American Oloroso Sherry butts
Nose.. Dried fruits, chocolate, honey, candied orange, ginger and toffee apples all make an entrance add to that a soft fruity aspect and this is all rather inviting.
Palate.. Spices lead the way with ginger, pepper and a little cinnamon leading into those dried fruits and a subtle fresh fruit flavour, orange infused chocolate, tobacco and an earthy, oaky note round this off
Finish.. Oak tannings and drying
Thoughts..  It’s hard not to compare this to the Abunadh, i know before anyone tells me it’s not fair to compare and I hate doing it but it is far too easy to do !! it sits at the old price point and feels like it has been designed to take over where the Abunadh finished off.. I say finished off as I mentioned it hasn’t really gone anywhere other than beyond what many feel as a fair price..
This Casg Annamh will hold its own but you have to totally wipe out the memory of the Abunadh, easier said than done.. This is certainly softer, less intimidating and will be an easier step into what is the king of Aberlour ( the Abunadh )
I’m sure this is designed to be more approachable and offers up plenty of good features, this will become a favourite for many, that I’m sure of but for me it’s not Abunadh, and although this is sitting at that £49 mark I will stick to my dwindling stocks of Abunadh, that said I will be more than happy to have a bottle of this on offer for those who feel they need something more approachable.. I know in time I will accept this and be happy with it but..
It’s good but it’s not Abunadh

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  1. Nice write up and a very fair review 👏

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