Glendronach 1995 Cask 3040 Batch 17


The wait is finally over for us Glendronach fans with the announcement of batch 17, this series of single cask bottling’s is now the signal for so many fans to begin the mad scramble for a bottle or two..

As with last years Release this batch 27 is also split into bottles for Europe and APAC and Canada which is always the start of a little disappointment as you just know some of the expressions you want will be in the release that is unavailable in the part of the world we reside..

As with past releases I have been very fortunate to receive some of the samples in order to review..

Today’s review is for the 1995 vintage from cask #3040 which was a Pedro Ximénez Puncheon.

Distillery.. Glendronach

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 23 years

Vintage.. 1995

Abv.. 52.5%

Cask.. Pedro Ximénez #3040


This bottle is part of the APAC and Canada release..

Nose.. Instantly you are introduced to those dried fruits, dates, raisins, figs and a little plum jam entice before Demerara sugar, thick black treacle, toffee apples,  candied orange and dark chocolate before rich vanilla and pipe tobacco gently caress.


Palate.. A hit of oak soon gives way to those dried fruits and dark chocolate notes that in turn introduce a subtle sulphur note before some sweetness comes back and a little citrus bitterness..

Finish.. Lingering oak and soft spices

Thoughts.. I’ve heard many people mention sulphur in whisky puts them off but if it’s subtle enough like in this one I (and this is for my palate ) find it can really enhance some whiskies..

My only problem with this expression is as much as I enjoyed it ( and I enjoyed it enough to try to get my hands on a bottle ) it does feel like it just isn’t quite enough to take me on that journey..)

Is that a negative ? Yes and no.. It’s not enough for me to slate it as I’m sure some others will do just for the sake of readership figures, what we need to consider is that someone with far more skills than most of us has chosen this cask for release, their job and reputation is on the line so do you honestly believe they will release sub standard whisky onto the market ? I find it is far easier to give negative reviews in order to increase readership after all we all like a good moan and where is the fun in being positive all the time ? In my opinion it’s about getting the balance right, the only thing I do agree with is that if all reviews are good or bad for that matter then people switch off… The big question should be is there enough positives still for me to enjoy it ? And maybe go on to buy it..

The answer to that in this case for me is a big fat yes.. The whisky is good, it is flawed but then nothing in life is perfect, you might disagree with this but then where is the fun in us all agreeing..

There is a good balance with plenty of flavour and enticing aromas that build a complexity that holds your attention for long enough..

Sample received from Glendronach..

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  1. whiskyjane says:

    A fine PX finish is the absolute cure for all life’s ails.

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  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Another honest blog… I may or may not have purchased some other releases off the back of your reviews. So I must say that having already bought this particular bottle last week, that I’m now even more intrigued in how it will taste.

    As regards the reviews of whisky in general. There are certain people who do tend to knock all whiskies (as to why is anyone’s guess, maybe they should try beer instead.) Then we have those that score whiskies, each to their own and all that, but for me I’m more about how a whisky makes you feel. To me it’s about the journey it can take you on, that intertwined with tasting notes that are easily relatable.

    Keep up the good work!!

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  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    It’s that burnt match note, it is an underlying note but it’s there.. I have found it in a few 1995 Glendronach releases..

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  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Totally agree with this.. I try to write as I speak.. if I truly appreciate it then I write it, my belief is that if I like whisky then why constantly slate it ?

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  5. Another point I find very interesting is the “controversy” concerning overly positive or negative reviews. While I agree that it’s best to neither lean too much into any direction, I still decided for myself to not speak negatively about whisky on my blog. I based this decision on a number of reasons: First, I only developed a deeper interest in whisky a couple of years ago. So I still don’t feel like I’ve “earned” the right to criticize the work of someone who’s been working in the industry their whole life. Second, I just do this as a hobby. So instead of spending my spare time writing about something I don’t enjoy, I rather put that “unpleasant” something aside and focus on something I like instead. And third, I just happen to enjoy whisky in most of its forms. So I rarely stumble upon a dram so bad that I cannot say anything positive about it at all. So far, this worked rather well for me… of course, there’s cases where I look back and think to myself “Well, maybe I’ve been a little too enthusiastic about this one”. But I’ve never published an article that felt wrong or dishonest to me with hindsight.

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  6. Cheers for sharing these good and honest notes. Actually, they made me rather curious for this whisky; especially the subtle sulphur note caught my attention. 🙂

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