Tobermory 12 year old


Founded by John Sinclair in 1798 after he had applied to lease the 57 acre site named Ledaig in 1797 with the intention  to build a distillery along with housing for the workers..

Initially he was turned down for the licence to distill but was granted a brewing licence, however John Sinclair prevailed and opened the Ledaig distillery..

The distillery unfortunately closed in 1837  and remained closed until 1878, with closure once again hitting the distillery in 1930 and once again the distillery remains closed for a number of years.. Well 41 to be precise..

The Ledaig Distillery re opens in 1971 but once again hard times impact the distillery and due to bankruptcy it closes again in 1975..

With bursts of production being sporadic over the next decades the distillery is purchased by Burn Stewart Distillers and opens under the Tobermory name..

In 2013 Burn Stewart is bought out by Distell and the rest is history..

The latest chapter in the distilleries history sees a large refurbishment which started  in 2017 and finally finishing in 2019 with the release of a new 12 year old expression.

Today the distillery is well known for producing both Un peated and peated styles, the un peated version is sold under the Tobermory name while the peated version goes under the Ledaig name..


Tobermory 12

Distillery.. Tobermory

Region.. Isle of Mull

Age.. 12 years

Abv.. 46.3%

Casks.. American oak

I would assume this in NCF and there is no mention of added colouring on the bottle !!

Nose.. A real onslaught of fresh fruits greet the senses as you bring the glass up close followed by an inviting floral scent..  Freshly bitten pear along with green apples, apricots, oranges and a soft hint of pineapple mingle with vanilla, honey and digestive biscuits.

Palate.. Those fresh fruits carry on from the nose and with them comes a nice sweetness along with gentle spices and rich honey flavours..


Finish.. Sweet with a twist of spice

Thoughts.. You know what.. This is rather tasty !! There is just a real easy going nature to this whisky.

The first time I poured this was with friends and we all actually stopped for a minute, a  silence descend along with a few nodding heads, smiles of approval and then another sip.. The overwhelming opinion was “ Damn this is far better than I expected’ !! It wasn’t that I expected a poor whisky as I know how good Tobermory can be but I just didn’t expect it to be so good..

This 12 year old is very well balanced, offers plenty of flavour and aromas that will hopefully impress you as much as it did me..



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