Miltonduff 10 year old – Claxton’s


Officially founded in 1824 when Andrew Peary and Robert Bain obtained a license for a property that had previously operated as an illicit distillery known as Milton distillery.

Over the years the distillery changes hands several times and in 1936 the distillery is transferred to Hiram Walker Gooderham and Warts who later transferred administration to George Ballantine and Son.

A pair of Lomond stills are installed in 1964 but are later decommissioned in 1981 when a pair of pot stills are installed.

In 1987 Allied Lyons buys out the remaining stocks from Hiram Walker and eventually in 2005 are taken over by the current owners ( Chivas Brothers )


This Independent bottler has recently released its spring collection of which this Miltonduff is a part off..

Based in the small town of Ripon near York, Claxton’s Release single cask, cask strength expressions that are always bottled as natural as is possible which of course means no colouring or chill filtration.

Although probably not intentional they do seem to be releasing quite a lot of younger, and by younger I mean around the 10 years old bracket which in theory isn’t really young but compared to some of their earlier releases it is..

Its always good though to really get stuck into these younger age statements and not fall into the older is better category, which let’s face it seems to be the trend these days !!

Claxton’s pride themselves for the quality of liquid they release and have a belief that when it’s ready it’s ready and then they will only bottle something they believe they would also be happy to buy..


Miltonduff 2008, 10 year old

Distillery.. Miltonduff

Region.. Speyside

Distilled.. November 2008

Age.. 10 years

Abv.. 55.8%

Cask.. 1st fill Bourbon – 1961 – 700925

Outturn.. 248 bottles

Bottler.. Claxton’s

Nose.. This heads straight into the sweet shop with Butterscotch candies, honey, pear drops, and vanilla all giving this a very inviting start.. Soft spices eventually show up in the form of cinnamon and a little ginger biscuit aroma before some citrus notes trickle through..

Palate.. A subtle peppery start that leads nicely into those candy notes the nose promised you, soft oak and a delicate earthy note round this off..

Finish.. Gentle oak with an sweet twist.


Thoughts.. This is rather nice.. Finishes off the sample, every last drop.. Orders a bottle.. Enough said !!

Sample supplied by Claxton’s..

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    Getting myself a great education from your posts!


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