Glen Scotia 18

Glen Scotia

Founded in 1832 the Glen Scotia distillery is now 1 of only 3 distilleries to be found in the once “ whisky capital of the world “

The once thriving region is now a shadow of its former self.  The whisky being produced in the area though is exceedingly good and along with Springbank and the lesser known of the 3 Glengyle the whisky is now helping put the Campbeltown name back on the map..

The distillery has the capacity to produce 800,000 litres of alcohol with both unpeated and peated whisky produced.. The peated whisky is produced as a medium peated spirit with around the 20ppm whilst the more heavily spirit boasts a ppm of around 55..

The distillery boasts an impressive core range which includes the very impressive entry level Double cask as well as the 15 year old, this 18 year old, the mighty 25 year old and a cask strength expression named Victoriana..


Glen Scotia 18 year old

Distillery.. Glen Scotia

Region.. Campbeltown

Age.. 18 years

Abv.. 46%

Cask.. 17 years in Bourbon barrels and hogsheads- “finished” ( or 2nd maturation) for 12 months in 1st fill Oloroso casks

This is Naturally Coloured and NCF

Nose.. An initial sweetness greets the senses along with an inviting floral, fruity aroma.. The sweetness comes through as butterscotch, barley sugar and toffee sweets, honey and plum jam also add to the sweet aroma.

Palate.. A little spiciness greets you as the peppery prickle subsides into that fruity sweetness the nose promised.. Freshly peeled apples, pineapple and apricots mingle with toffee, honey and hints of chocolate chip cookies..

Finish.. A touch of oak and gentle spices.

Thoughts.. There is a nice sophistication in this expression, plenty of depth and a little bit of attitude..


This whisky really has benefited from the Oloroso “finish” as it gives it a more rounded feel as it softens the attitude that the initial bourbon maturation seems to have given it..

A rather delightful expression although I do prefer the 15 and double cask if I am being honest.. But I will be buying more of this 18 year old as it is pretty darn good value in a market where the greedy marketers are hiking up prices faster than  you can shovel the shit away from the door..




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good review. As honest as ever.


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