Smokehead Sherry Bomb


There is not too much information out there for this whisky other than it is from an undisclosed Islay distillery producing peated whisky, it is bottled by Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd who are best known in the whisky industry for the awesome Glengoyne and Tamdhu brands but also under the umbrella are brands like Chieftain’s, Dun Bheagan and sheep Dip as well as blends like Black Shield, Clan Macleod and Major Gunn’s to name but a few..


So just what distillery is this from ? Well at this point I’m no wiser than you but the caption that comes with these Smokehead expressions is “Wildly bold and not for everyone “ so this might be rather interesting..

Looking on the official website this is described as “ Alluringly left field, enticingly off kilter, Smokehead is custom built for outsiders who will happily walk across fields of burning peat to find something real, something authentic, something unusual.” Well we could be in serious trouble here then…

Smokehead Sherry Bomb

Distillery.. Unknown

Region.. Islay

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 48%

Cask.. Oloroso

I will assume this is naturally coloured and NCF..


Nose.. Imagine sitting on a beach on a cold winter’s evening, a smouldering fire burning damp wood salvaged from the beach with the sea lapping over the rugged rocks, the sea spray filling the damp cold air.. Those scents of  damp wood burning, ash and the salty sea air mingling with ripe fruits, toffee apples, hints of honey along with dark chocolate and thick molasses.

Palate.. Intense smoke with a real ashtray note, burnt toffee, ginger and a nice peppery kick.. Oak along with tobacco leaf, chocolate and liquorice notes lead you into salted caramel, citrus peels and burnt marshmallows.

Finish.. Smoke and spice

Thoughts.. I really want to say this is Laphroaig.. The intense smoke and peat notes remind me so much of the Laphroaig expressions I have had in the past, I’m thinking  it’s too heavy for it to be Caol Ila and it does not feel like an Ardbeg but as always I’m only guessing and my Islay knowledge is certainly not enough to be totally convinced enough to say exactly what it is..

Anyway in my opinion this is rather delicious, it’s not the big Sherry bomb I expected but that might be more to do with the dominance of the peat..

I am surprised however at just how little noise is being made about this whisky as I am sure all those big peat heads out there would love this whisky, the price tag isn’t over the top and at 48% Abv it’s no baby..


If you have tried this then I’d love to hear your thoughts..



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  1. Sam says:

    A whisky that is right up my street. Will have to lay my hands on this. Sure I have seen it locally.

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