Teaninich 19 year old – Claxton’s


The Teaninich distillery was founded back in 1817 by Captain Hugh Monro who was the owner of the estate where the distillery is built.

In 1831 the distillery is then sold to John Munro who is the younger brother to Captain Hugh Monro.

John Munro then leases the distillery to Robert Patterson in 1850.

The distillery changes hands a few more times over the years but in 1984 part of the distillery know as the “B side” is mothballed ( the “ B side “ is the original  distillation part of the distillery with the “A side “  being a newer still house containing 6 stills built in 1970 )

1985 has the “A side “ mothballed until 1991 when the newer site is once again brought back into production.

1999 unfortunately see’s the end of the “ B side “ when it is decommissioned.

The production is doubled in 2015 when 6 more stills are added to the original 6 and this brings the capacity up to 10.2 million litres of alcohol.



An Independent, family owned business that bottles some of the finest single casks available.

Based in Yorkshire this family business only started releasing whisky onto the market in 2015, since then they have gone from strength to strength with some mighty impressive single cask releases..

Teaninich 19 year old – 1999

Distillery.. Teaninich

Owner.. Diageo

Region.. Highlands

Distilled.. 5-7-1999

Bottled.. 2018

Age.. 19 years old

Abv.. 53%

Cask.. Bourbon Hogshead

Outturn.. 255 bottles

Bottler.. Claxton’s

This is Naturally Coloured and is NCF..

Nose..  A lovely inviting floral start with a soft honey aroma that melts into vanilla, freshly peeled apples, orange peel, a hint of ripe pear, dried grass and subtle spices.

Palate.. An initial sweetness gives way to a soft peppery note, then the fruity side starts to get a little more dominant allowing this palate to develop.


Finish.. Not the longest unfortunately.

Thoughts.. A very enjoyable whisky that draws you in from the moment you pour it and get a whiff of the fragrant aromas..

This is a fairly light and easy going whisky that offers up everything it has without the need to add water, the flavours are delicate and subtle and when you learn to appreciate that you will enjoy this whisky immensely..

With thanks to Claxton’s and Steve from the whisky wire for this official sample that was provided as part of a live tasting session on Twitter.


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  1. thinkwhisky says:

    What is it that makes some whiskies have a short finish? I’ve had some in the past that leave you the moment you have swallowed, when really you want a little more.

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