Blend #1 18 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

“ Who are you, Who are you.. “  Well that’s easy to answer, That Boutiquey Whisky Company are an award winning independent bottler who belong under the umbrella of Atom brands..

The company are becoming one of the big boys within the whisky world’s independent bottlers, boasting a very impressive count of over 145 different  labels released to date and rising at a rapid rate these days..


That Boutiquey Whisky Company proudly bottle whisky ( whiskey, bourbon, Rum and Gin too ) from all around the world and release them as “ small batch” although some of the releases are just entering the four figure area this is still considered small compared to some “limited editions” that run well over 5000!!

So when I mention the label count that is because each distillery / blend they release comes with its own unique label expertly designed and drawn by talented artist Emily Chappell.

Emily is a freelance artist who is based in Glasgow, Scotland and is responsible for the freaky, mind blowing, comical, artistic and sometimes cryptic designs used to give us some sort of sadistic clues to what might be held within the bottle.. I say sadistic because when, like me you are useless at these cryptic clues you can spend hours scratching at your head wondering what the hell is so obviously staring you right in the face..

However if you are one of the ones who instantly get the clue then you are probably laughing at me right now.. Hmmm…

The next great piece of info is that each label obviously has a batch 1, batch 2 will of course be the same label as batch 1 but with one slight difference!! This then makes for a great game of spot the difference..

You then have the cards that match the bottles but unfortunately due to the higher demand and ever escalating bottle count these are no longer unique to each batch but are now generic ( makes the older ones very collectible if you like that sort of thing !! )

Blend 1, 18 year old Batch 3


Distillery.. Unknown ( teaspooned)

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 18 years

Abv.. 47.3%

Cask.. Unknown ( bourbon barrels ? )

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Outturn.. 1049 ( bottle 786 )


This Release will be NCF and Naturally Coloured and is Batch 3.

Nose.. There is a lovely fruitiness that slowly rises along with honey, soft malty notes and a mix of citrus peels, gentle spices and a hint of chocolate in the background.


Palate.. There is still that sweetness the nose promised but with a little more of a spicy kick with ginger, cinnamon and a little peppery note that mingles perfectly with a honey richness, butterscotch, chocolate orange and soft oak.

Finish.. Spices and sweetness linger

Thoughts.. The label has a nice shiny teaspoon telling us that this is obviously one of those malts that has the tiniest amounts of a sister distillery added in order to stop the independents from naming the distillery direct, do a little digging and you get a few ideas of who might do this.. Try it and it sometimes jumps out at you who might be responsible for this expression, put two and two together come up with 3 and of course that gives you the answer..

Well when I’m up in Speyside I’ll be sure to visit Balvenie in order to try some more of the wonderful whisky they produce but until then I’ll be more than happy to sip on this !!!!!!!



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  1. thinkwhisky says:

    Lovely whisky review. I must look out for this one. Colour does look like this is ex bourbon cask. A nice hit of spice is always a pleasant experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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