The Bartenders Malt – Auchentoshan

The New Malt Order

You would be forgiven if you thought you were about to read something from the WWE wrestling as “ The new malt order “ as Auchentoshan have aptly named the new concept they have, well I say new, this is now a few years old but to be honest I’ve stayed well clear as it just does not sit well with me but that’s probably the grumpy old git in me..

Anyway “The new malt order” is a collective of 12 of the leading bartenders from around the world ( well that’s what we are told ) who are apparently pushing the boundaries, breaking all the rules and bringing whisky to new places and faces.. ( Now what’s the words I’m looking for ? )

These bartenders have selected the individual malts that have made this expression up with the intention of using it in the bars and clubs around the world so I’m guessing that means this is mainly intended as a cocktail base or for use with mixers rather than a stand alone whisky (and you wonder why I’m not excited by this )



Founded In 1823 and located on the outskirts of Glasgow this lowland distillery uses the triple distillation method in order to produce a softer, lighter whisky.

Auchentoshan is owned by Beam Suntory and has a capacity to produce 2 million litres of alcohol.

The Bartenders Malt 01

Distillery.. Auchentoshan

Age.. NAS – Whisky from 5 decades with youngest around 6 years old..

Cask.. American oak, German oak, ex Laphroaig cask, Rum cask, Red wine barriques.

Abv.. 47%

Nose.. Those typical toshan notes like Citrus and nuts are there along with a malty note as well as a  youthful feel.. A hint of dried fruits and maybe a touch of chocolate.


Palate..  A little peppery with ginger, some citrus, honey and a hint of smoke.

Finish.. Spices linger a while..

Thoughts.. Blank.. Just sitting here shaking my head.. This is batch 01 and was produced by the team in 2016 – I assume they are expecting to release quite a few editions but the fact 01 is still about might tell you what the general thoughts are..

Now let me say I love Auchentoshan whisky !! It’s no secret and believe me I want to love this whisky, I have tried to love this whisky, I really have, honestly but the simple fact is this is plain.. There is no hiding the fact and from discussions I’ve had with other people I think my love for the distillery is still clouding my judgement..

Ok it’s not a bad whisky, maybe I am being overly harsh and if indeed it has been developed to be a cocktail base and mixer whisky then it’s going to be ok but it’s no stand alone whisky..

i just don’t get the whole point or need for a distillery like Auchentoshan to purposefully create this whisky, you had a perfectly good whisky in the classic or select expressions if you wanted a whisky to make a cocktail or as a mixer.. And one last rant but who put Auchentoshan in an ex Laphroaig cask and then picked it to go in this.. My worst nightmare come true..


There are of course some positives with this release..

The label is catchy..

The abv is 47%..

Did I say the label looks good..

Im so sorry Auchentoshan but for me you have failed miserably with this whisky but don’t worry I’ll forgive you !!

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  1. whiskymaiden says:

    Very interesting article Sorren, although I have not actually tried this I have heard some rather negative things about it !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cocktail Shaker says:

    Such a shame that this isn’t better than what it is!! I’m sure they have something else in the core range that would suffice for cocktails.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bobby says:

    Sorren, is this the politest way of saying this whisky is shit? If not I will say it for you – this whisky is shit

    Liked by 1 person

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