Springbank 21 year old batch 8 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Day 24 in the epic Boutique-y Advent Calendar takes us to Campbeltown and Springbank in particular..

We all know that Springbank is a particularly  unique whisky and is loved by many but it is also one of those whiskies that some just don’t get..

The distillery itself was founded back in 1828 and became the 14th legally licensed distillery in Campbeltown which was once believed to be the capital of the whisky world !!

Although this era was the period where most of the distilleries became legitimate you can actually trace the production of the amber nectar back to at least 1591 when the first “written “ records of whisky production can be found..

Today the distillery boasts the fact everything to do with production can be done within the Distillery itself, with its own malting floor ( one of only a handful of distilleries to still do this practice ) the distillery can certainly claim to be more hands on than most of the others..

The distillery is also well known for producing more than one style of whisky with Longrow, Hazelburn and of course Springbank expressions all coming from within its walls.  Each of these whiskies have a unique point, the Longrow being more like an Islay style with its peated and full bodied approach while Hazelburn being a more lighter style and softer in body..


Springbank 21

Distillery.. Springbank

Region.. Campbeltown

Age.. 21 years old

Batch.. 8

Abv.. 47.5%

Outturn.. 911 Bottles

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

This is NCFand Naturally Coloured

Nose.. As you take the first sniffs you are reminded of those early morning walks through the countryside, summer fruits and fresh scents of the dew on the hedgerows, barley growing in the fields, the damp soil beneath and of course the sweetness from the butterscotch sweets you just happen to be sucking on.. Dig a little deeper and there are distinct aromas of dried fruits, cinnamon buns cooking in the oven and vanilla..


Palate.. Those berries are still there with a distinct marmalade note, honey ( an earthy Manuka style) and plenty of burnt / caramelised sugars.. Candied oranges and ginger infused chocolate with a hint of coffee on the side.. Thereis a subtle sulphurous note hiding in there that just adds a little something else, struck match with a touch of oil but this really does add rather than take something away..

Finish.. Lingering oak from a dusty old glass..

Thoughts.. The instant you dive into this offering you know it’s gonna be a big, bold offering with plenty of depth and complexity but like so many independent offerings from Springbank this does not come cheaply!!

Fot those die hard springbank fans this will be a must buy, the depth and complex flavours / aromas coming from the wine casks are second to none and the fact this whisky has the ability to transport you into its own little journey makes this one of those special expressions that you really need to try..

This Springbank 21 year, batch 8 from That Boutique-y Whisky Company is available from Master of Malt for £339.95.


And with this review I am sorry to say this is the last from my Boutiquey Whisky Advent Calendar 2018.. Thank you for sticking with my ramblings..


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