Craigellachie 9 year old batch 2 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Day 23 and we have a little Craigellachie..

Who let the worms out ? Ok it don’t have the same ring as the song but hopefully you know where I’m going with that one..

The Craigellachie distillery was founded in 1890 and built by the Craigellachie- Glenlivet Distillery Company with production starting in 1891..


Today most of the whisky produced still goes into the blends like Dewars, with only a handful of official bottles including the very impressive 31 year old which was classed as “ The worlds best” not so long ago !!

One of the unique points to this Distillery is the use of worm tubs instead of the typical shell and tube condenser used in most distilleries today.. The worm tub is another way of cooling the vapours as they pass through a series of pipes located in cold water and generally positioned outside.. This system gives less contact with copper resulting in some of the heavier elements in the liquid being removed, this then gives a heavier feel and sometimes a more sulphites style of whisky.

So on to today’s review – This Craigellachie 9 year old, batch 2 from That Boutique-y Whisky Company has an outturn of 397 bottles and was bottled at 52.5% abv..

Nose.. As you get nearer to the glass you instantly get a delicious sweetness from Vanilla and butterscotch,  it then becomes a little more malty but still in a sweet way, almost ovaltine style with a fruity backdrop, fresh apples, over ripe pear and a little heather honey develops on the back of cinnamon and the faintest hint of struck matches..


Palate.. A bitter start from citrus peel and oak notes before the sweetness finally gets through with those fresh apples, pears and a little pineapple that  blends into Manuka honey.

Finish.. Lingering  oak and spices.

Thoughts.. I have to admit I have had the pleasure of pouring this whisky many times at the festivals and really did get to like it.. It has that unique taste that you associate with Craigellachie and although at first many people are not sure about most of them actually come round to loving it !!

This Craigellachie 9 year old is a perfect first dram or as many people commented “this would be awesome on porridge “ and I’d have to agree..

Make this the breakfast dram.

This Craigellachie 9 year old, batch 2 can be found over at Master of Malt for £49.95..

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