Mortlach 20 year old batch 5 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Day 22 and our journey is coming to its end but not before we visit Speyside once again..

Mortlach is another distillery owned by Diageo, founded back in 1823 by James Findlater this distillery is certainly one of the more iconic Speyside whiskies..

Mortlach is well known for the big sherried expressions and bold flavours the distillery has to offer but there has also been some rather delicious bourbon cask offerings but these mostly have come from the independent bottlers.

The distillery is also known for its unique way of distilling with a typical 2.8 distillation rather than the two or three generally incorporated into most other distilleries techniques..


Mortlach 20

Distillery.. Mortlach

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 20 years old

Batch.. 5

Abv.. 48.8%

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

This is NCF and Naturally Coloured

Nose.. Dried fruits and a little plum pudding shine through, vanilla, honey  and marzipan bring in the sweetness while cinnamon gives it a little spice,  candied orange with some dark chocolate and coffee beans give this a well rounded aroma..


Palate.. Rather chewy with some lovely spices shining through.. Ginger, cinnamon and a little pepper bring that spicy side with some nice heat instantly warming as it goes down, add a little chocolate, coffee and liquorice and this is rather delicious.

Finish.. Spicy with a touch of oak..

Thought.. What can I say.. But this is bloody good stuff once again from the Boutiquey stable !  Full bodied and a complexity that you expect from a good Mortlach and never do you get that feeling that this will disappoint..

This Mortlach 20 year old is certainly an awesome addition to any cupboard and with a big sherried style this is perfect for those of you out there who love a real sherry bomb..

This Mortlach 20 year old, batch 5 can be found over at Master of Malt for £129.95..


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