Blended Malt # 4 6 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Another interesting whisky hailing from this years Boutiquey Whisky Company Advent Calendar is this blended malt ( or should we be saying a teaspooned malt ? )


For those not so familiar with the term “teaspoon” within the whisky world it refers to the act of adding a rather small amount of whisky to another distilleries whisky in order to prevent it being sold as a single malt from a particular distillery.. Several big distilleries don’t like to have their whiskies sold by the independent bottlers and so they generally add a little whisky from another distillery that comes under the same umbrella or parent company ( For example Glenfiddich and Balvenie or in the past Glenmorangie and Glen Moray )

I do wonder though if they actually do add any whisky or if it is all done as a bluff !! I’m guessing we would never actually know and at the end of the day does it really matter when you consider that in some cases when a cask is used it will still have some residual from the previous liquid that was held within and thus making this in theory a teaspooned or blend if from another distillery !!

Anyway on to today’s review..

Today we have a 6 year old blended malt from That Boutiquey Whisky Company which has an outturn of 625 bottles and boasts an Abv of 53.6%..

Nose.. A real waft of Peat and younger spirit rises but there is a nice sweetness that accompanies it. A touch of smoke, a spoonful of burnt apple pie, a sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger and scorched oak, 1 tablespoon of vanilla and throw in a little butterscotch for good measure..


Palate.. Youthful with a kick of pepper, fresh ginger and citrus peels, then the sweetness starts to appear but it’s all wrapped within a jacket of smoke..

Finish.. Smoke, drying and spicy..

Thoughts.. A rather pleasant younger blended malt and one that the peaty lovers will enjoy !! This carries a nice soft palate and some delightful aromas as well as offering  something very similar to a lowland distillery that is intended to mimic some other Distillery profiles..

Blended malt # 4, 6 year old from That Boutiquey Whisky Company can be found over at Master of Malt for £47.95..

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