Dalmore 14 year old – Batch 3 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Well it is day 11 in the That Boutiquey Whisky Company’s Advent Calendar and along comes a Dalmore !! A 14 year old to be precise..

Now there are a couple of distilleries that I generally stay clear off due to the outrageous prices and Dalmore is one of them, some of the prices for what is after all a standard whisky are a little hefty to say the least but thankfully  the independent bottlers do seem to be a little more realistic with these prices although let’s not forget they do have to purchase the cask in the first place !!


The Dalmore distillery was founded back in 1839 by Alexander Matheson and today boasts a capacity of 4.3 million litres of alcohol under the ownership of Whyte and Mackay ( Emperador Inc )

This Dalmore 14 year old is batch 3 from independent bottler That Boutiquey Whisky Company and has an outturn of 812 bottles worldwide, is naturally coloured with an Abv of 51.3%..

That Boutiquey Whisky Company is now well into its 6th year of trading and can boast over 130 different and unique labels which are all designed by the talented artist Emily Chappell..

Each label is designed to tell us something about the liquid within and generally gives us some sort of hint as to the origin of the whisky.. It might not always be obvious as those people down at the Boutiquey headquarters have a warped mind at times!!


Nose.. Initially this starts off with a rich sweetness reminiscent of  vanilla and toffee with fresh apple peel, candied orange, a hint of pear, honey and soft spices like cinnamon and ginger with a little chocolate note just about detectable.

Palate.. Fruity and spicy with stewed apples, poached pear, cinnamon,digestive biscuits, a touch of oak along with citrus peels, heather honey and sugared almonds..

Finish.. Peppery with a touch of oak..


Thoughts.. It’s so nice to see a naturally coloured Dalmore, who’d have thought it wasn’t actually the colour of dark caramel..

This Dalmore 14 year old from That Boutiquey Whisky Company with its natural colour can be found retailing for £74.95 over at Master of Malt..

Day 11 – Dalmore 14 year old, batch 3 from That Boutiquey Whisky Company..

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