Blended whisky 21 year old batch 1..

Day 5 from the Boutiquey Whisky Company Advent Calendar offers up this unique 21 year old blended whisky comprising both single malt and grain whisky from Scotland and Japan !!


Now it’s not everyday you get 21 year old Japanese whisky never mind 21 year old single malt and grain whisky blended together with some single malt and grain from Scotland..

I asked Brand Ambassador Dave Worthington why they did it and with a smile and a shrug of the shoulder he answered quite smugly “ Because we can!! “  I’m not going to argue with that..

So what whisky is in the make up then Dave ? Again a smile and an answer of “Work it out”  I couldn’t!!

With the upsurge of people buying Japanese whisky for collection the prices are really rocketing and the mad rush for the bottles that are going to make you millions is getting worse and don’t mention the fact that they are just so scarce.. Those of you out there that want a taste of something Japanese then why not grab one of these..

This blended whisky as mentioned has an age statement of 21 years, an outturn of 1100 bottles and boasts an abv of 43%..


Nose.. Instantly rich with plenty of dried fruits, vanilla and chocolate.. The spices are subdued on the nose with plenty of plum jam, orange marmalade, candied orange, cherries and toffee sauce showcasing the diversity the Nose has to offer.. There is a real hint of aged spirit on the nose with scents of old leather arm chairs and dusty bookcases.. Very intriguing!

Palate.. Oak notes lead into those dried fruits again with a hint of pineapple orange rind, and chocolate.. I wouldn’t say it’s overly spicy but subtle hints of cinnamon and ginger ( biscuits) can be found..


Finish..  Drying with plenty of richness..

Thoughts.. This certainly has some depth and complexity, the more you sit with it the better it gets but the feeling is always there that you just want to dip it down and pour some more.. It’s rather tasty and a little too easy to sip !!


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